Wednesday, 21 November 2012

In Palestine Something Miraculous Happens

In Palestine 

Terror reigns

Psychopaths claim dominance

and a "G-d given right" to rob, kill and maim 

In Palestine

Terror reigns

Smiles ... wiped of innocent faces

 Little girls weep

Little boys butchered

Babies are slain

In Palestine

Terror reigns

Criminals are the law

They bomb, they shoot, they smite

With mini-nukes they wipe life out

In Palestine

Terror reigns

Without "lamp-shades", bodies mutilated

Without "cremation-ovens", toddlers charcoaled 

Without "gas-chambers", Tiny tots... exterminated

In Palestine

Terror reigns

Aggressors crowned with "victim-hood"

Their victims... "anti-Semites", "filled with hate" !

They murder then cry

Sneer as they lie

They twist and deceive, innocence they proclaim

 Apart from themselves, Everyone to blame


In Palestine

Primary colours no longer three

 Red and green, black and white

Freedom painted red... Love is green

Sacrifice and faith... black and white

In Palestine

 Out of the ashes humanity rises tall

 Resilience leaves you speechless

Courage takes your breath away

and in contrast 

Bottomless cowardice

As never seen before

In Palestine

Something miraculous happens

 The more people die

The more hope is born!

Hope... Astounding

 Bequest of the Divine
Seen in every face 

Written with every name


LuckyStar said...

My heart bleeds for the children of Gaza.
Israel, the ultimate cowardly and evil collection of occupiers that ever existed draws its strength not from within but from,
The French who supplied you with the nukes.
The Americans who supplied and continue to supply the money, weapons, bombs, intelligence and political and media cover,
The Germans who supplied the Nuclear submarines and most sophisticated surveillance equipment.
The British who supply the bombs, weapons and arrogance.
The Arab Gulf monarchies who supply the deadly silence.
The treasonous few Palestinians who sold their souls for a handfull of dollars.
The Polish, Russians and Brooklynites who supply the soulless evil zombies who roam the holy land of Palestine.
My heart bleeds for the children of Palestine.
Oh children of Palestine, the world became a darker place and love has retracted and departed our mother earth.
Darkness and gloom have engulfed us, Hope is dead and nothing can save humanity anymore.

nahida -Exiled Palestinian said...


Humanity is indeed going through some of its darkest times, in terms of level of degradation, extent of evil and its global outreach, with the availability of mass destructive weapons.

However, Hope is never dead

Hope does not die

Hope is synonymous to Life, as long as life exist, hope exists.

Palestinians have been the spearhead in a physical and spiritual battle to save the soul of humanity.

Palestinians, men women and children have sacrificed in order that humanity learns and take heed, and NOT to give up and surrender.

To save Palestine is to save the world


Missy Crider said...

This is my song for Gaza:
I appreciate your belief in equal human rights, in dignity.