Tuesday, 20 November 2012


By: Daniel Mabsout,

Drawing the parallel between Lebanon’s summer 2006 war and Gaza’s actual war will lead to significant conclusions. In many ways the two wars seem similar not only because they use the same weapons or seem to follow the same rhythm. These wars seem to have the same motive that is to disarm the Resistance . In Lebanon failing in implementing UN resolution1559 caused 14th of March people to conspire against Lebanon . They conspired against their own country and because they failed in implementing the UN resolution that sought to disarm the Lebanese Resistance they asked the Israelis to come and do the job. It is wrong to say that the war on Lebanon was caused by the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by the men of the Resistance because instances of kidnapping did not lead to war previously .

This war was planned and arranged at the request of a Lebanese faction after it failed in carrying on the mission of disarming the Resistance and wanted the Israelis and their allies to do it . The Israelis and their allies never act spontaneously or react blindly, everything they do is planned and prepared and the war on Lebanon was planned designed and prepared and meant to be launched soon for the purpose the disarming Hizbullah . There is mention that the Saudis funded this war with more than 9 billion dollars. After the war failed and Israelis defeated . the world establishment was still seeking to undermine Hizbullah by accusing him of killing Hariri and sending him to the International Court . The war on Syria -along with the sectarian alignment that divided the nation - had the same purpose of weakening and isolating the Resistance . Cutting ties with Iran and Hizbullah and dropping the matter of Palestinians’ return were the three conditions imposed on Syria to be spared civil war, conditions that president Bashshar did not accept.

Now if we look at the operation Pillar of Cloud we can almost guess that it targets the armed section of HAMAS within view to neutralize it . Not to forget that the war started after the prince of Qatar ended his visit to Gaza where he was officially received by Haniyya whose pro Qatari sectarian policies are no more a secret .Was the military faction of Hamas set up by its partners the same way Hizbullah was set up by those who were ruling the country? If we can find such similarities between the two wars then we can conclude what will be the outcome of the actual war launched on Gaza . It will be a sort of camouflaged victory where the Israelis will not be allowed to achieve their goals and that of their Arab allies and where the Resistance of HAMAS will succeed in keeping its weapons despite all .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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Mr. Mcgranor said...

Why can't Arabs get-together and go against Israel? A divine hand stopping them? Or what?

uprooted Palestinian said...

A sattan hand, actually Syks-Pecko puppet regimes got-together in Cairo to save Israel,