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Islamic Jihad: All Arms from Iran, Iran: Proud of Our Military support

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Islamic Jihad Movement Secretary General Ramadan Abdullah Shallah assured that all the arms of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza come from Iran, and demanded the Arabs to support the resistance with arms and to open their warehouses before they rust in them.

Speaking to the Qatari based Al-Jazeera Channel, Shallah stressed that the resistance’s capacities are much more than what it has presented until today.

“The Israeli must know that the era of Israeli romp has gone with no return, and the immunity Israel has after bombarding Arab capitals like Khartoum and killing Palestinians and Lebanese, was lifted after the Palestinian resistance hit Tel Aviv with rockets in the name of the rising Arab peoples,” he said.
Iran armsIn this context, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Chief Major General Mohammad Ali Jaafari stated Wednesday that Iran had sent Fajr-5 rockets to the Palestinian resistance, indicating that a big number of this system is also being developed in the strip.

Jaafari also pointed out in a statement on Al-Alam TV station that the Islamic Republic supports a truce that severs the benefits of the resistance in Palestine.

For his part, Head of the Iranian Shura Council Ali Larijani stressed that Iran is proud of its military support to the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.
Also speaking Wednesday before Shura Council members protesting the Israeli war on Gaza, Larijani said: “Our march today is to express our defense and protection to the oppressed and courageous Palestinian people."

“We will stand by the Palestinians even in the toughest situations,” he added,” clarifying that “the main point that all political observers and analysts agreed on is that the Israeli entity has made a deadly strategic mistake by engaging itself in a war with the resistance in Gaza.”

Larijani further indicated that “the Israeli entity that wanted to end its isolation in the region had increased its isolation by attacking Gaza and the Palestinians,” reassuring that “the Israeli entity will fall gradually and will suffer real loss from the resistance’s respondes to its attacks.”

“We are proud of our aid to the Palestinian people and resistance on the financial and military levels… We are also ready to stand by the Palestinian people and the Gazans and fight the occupying entity,” head of the Iranian Shura Council added.
Source: Agencies
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