Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Meshaal supports Palestinan Statehood, Zahar denounces and thanks Iran and Syria

No longer «Hamas» hide its new position about the conflict with Israel, Mishaal announced Hamas support a Palestinian state on the borders of 67, ie on an area of ​​22 percent of historic Palestine, which is a retreat from the historical path of the movement in its struggle with the enemy to regain all of Palestine.

Hamas issued a statement saying that brother Khaled Meshaal telephoned his Palestinian counterpart, and confirmed the welcome of Hamas going to the United Nations for a state observer status.
But hamas is divided over Abbas’s UN bid to upgrade the status of the Palestinian entity to nonmember observer state. Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar had urged Abbas not to go to New York. Abbas's UN initiative "represents an ... official concession of the 1948 land," Zahar told reporters. "Abbas is going to the UN to ask for a “rugged state...Abbas says he is responsible for all the Palestinians everywhere," Zahar said, "But I say that Abbas does not represent me and is not responsible for me in anything."

Earlier this year, Zahar and other Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip criticized Mashaal for signing the Doha Declaration to end the Hamas-Fatah dispute.

Mahmoud Zahar opposes resettleme​nt of Palestinia​n refugees

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