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Syria: Aleppo on 21 November 2012

Syria: The team of is back in Aleppo.

You have long heard nothing from Aleppo? The team of is by now safely back from Kurdistan and has travelled to Aleppo. Yesterday, a short report was published, but this report has not a lot of new information.

What is new is that there are just or still two districts of Aleppo (Halab), which are held by the rebel gangs. One of these districts is Sakhur in northeast of the city, the other district is not mentioned.
The implication is clear – the remaining gangs in Aleppo belong to the hardened and battle-hardened extremists, and thus, to the professional fighters, and Aleppo is surely not their first battlefield.

Otherwise, you can watch the report when you want to see how Anastasia Popova is again running through the field of fire or panicky takes shelter. Overall, Anastasia Popova is together with her front-team certainly the PR initiative (also) of the Syrian government, whose absence is e.g. criticized every now and again by Christoph Hörstel.

Therefore, perhaps a little pre-text to Aleppo. The local units in Aleppo are exactly the rebel gangs that do not recognize the new opposition structure – the Syrian National Alliance – that has been assembled in Doha, Qatar.

They don`t recognize it neither as legitimate representative nor as partially or even solely, like it was already done by the perfidious Albion (archaic name for Great Britain) and the French. Instead, they are proclaiming out of their bunkers the Sharia State al-Sham (Damascus).

aleppo 500x480 Syria: Aleppo on 21 November 2012
Map of Aleppo with pockets of resistance of the armed terrorists.
This may be still a game that is also played by Qatar, where they are not very satisfied with the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has only received a few seats and too little influence in the new opposition. Or the matter is even worse – for everyone involved. Namely in the case that the Islamists really and absolutely slip out of all the control.

Their goal, namely the creation of a caliphate, does not fit to any of the projects of the aggressors. The Caliphate as a means to an end – so as an idea, which should concentrate a lot of cannon fodder – is one thing, but as a practically goal, it is entirely something else. Neither Qatar nor the Saudis, also not the Turks, and the Israelis need such a circus. No, even not the Americans.

When you consider that the “mother of all battles” in Aleppo already lasts at the fourth month, then the Islamists have surely proved themselves as serious fighters. Now the question is justified, how the aggressors are likely to deal with this problem.

The sense of overthrowing the Assad government is indeed the installation of a controllable entity in Damascus which will also perform the orders. A weak entity without resources. That would be for all the parties among the aggressors a useful starting point for the implementation of their further plans. But what will they do now with this contingent in “Al-Sham”?

Source of the video report:

Azans father was murdered – by the rebels. Of those who call themselves the “Free Syrian Army”. They have shot him on the threshold of his own house. Similarly cold-blooded, they proceeded with the uncle and grandfather; then they set the lifeless bodies on fire. Here they are – all three in a photograph.

Two other family members were injured. They shot back, so that the women and children had time to escape from the apartment. Their house was later blown up in the air.
About 200 bandits came in our neighbourhood. They said that they are the masters here now. We called the neighbours, residents, even all together in order to jointly put up resistance. But they found it out and opened fire on us.
The rebels were finally expelled – they fled in the direction of the historic centre of Aleppo. Two neighbourhoods are still in their hands. It is mainly being fought on the outskirts of the city. It is no more just about selective purges; here, a real war is taking place against a well-armed enemy.
This is the operation cadre. The command has a colonel; he sets the target for the soldiers.
You take position next to this tower and so you block the both streets. The reinforcement will come there, with which we will then attack the main forces of the enemy.
All details of the location are first studied by reference of the map, the specifics are again discussed, and prior to the march out, they portray the operational plan once again in the dust.

The commander of the unit is wounded in the leg. The bullet stuck in his leg, but he rejected medical care – the operation is not yet complete. The civilian clothes of the rebels give them the opportunity to just let the weapons fall down and to go away and to mingle with the residents of the adjacent neighbourhoods.

However, foreign mercenaries can be identified by their accent. As confirmation, they show us the papers of two slain rebels. The weapons of the group “Jabhat al-Nuṣrah li-ahl ash-Shām” are completely of foreign origin.
This is a shotgun from Turkish production. And here we have an American sniper rifle, an M16. Here, there are also night vision devices, riflescopes and satellite phones.
This wounded soldier is being evacuated under covering fire of snipers from the place of the battle. With the tacit endorsement of the Western advocates of democracy, another soldier was shot in Aleppo – a young father of three sons.

Another family loses its breadwinner. The children, such as the small Azan, become orphaned.
Anastasia Popova, Mikhail Witkin, Evgeny Lebedev. Vesti, Aleppo, Syria.

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