Thursday, 7 January 2010



two videos to share, one more coming we hope.
Well, we're just back from the celebration, I'm sure the weather is great in Gaza as it's snowing and freezing in Ireland! We had to laugh as the first interviews we saw were three of our five guys on PressTV! First the Ambulance arrived driven by Eanna who had a few words as it passed (video below) then JJ gave a nice interview (video below) then Eddie gave a great interview but we dont have it yet cos the fellow that has it still at the pub celebrating LOL, Hope to have that up soon. So Ireland was well represented today!! Thanks to everyone for all your great comments and good wishes for the lads. We had a scary time last night, but today things are as they should be. They are in Gaza and delivering the aid and ambulance now. You've read their words on the blog, now you can hear them, here's the two short videos:

Derry to Gaza Five in ambulance arriving in Gaza. Eanna, man of few words
"Great, Great to be in Gaza"

JJ interviewd by Aljazeera:

River to Sea
 Uprooted Palestinian

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