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Littlewood, Neo-Pan Arabs, Neopatriots On: Viva Palestina, Siege, Wall of Shame, and Liberating all Palestine

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Nadia said...

Awaiting your attack of Redress or Littlewood, for consistency's sake.
Mubarak Creates PR Disaster for Egypt and Himself By Littlewood

8:48 AM, January 08, 2010 


I agree with every word he said here. I wonder what the Queen of Rizzostine would comment?? Awaiting her attack on Littlewood, "for consistency's sake". I wonder why Littlewood's new article hasn't appeared shall appear yet  at Rizzostine site?

I have seen the Irish4Palestines updates on most of Pro-palestinian sites. Has anybody seen any thing other smearing at their sites??

They swallowed their tongues, and stormed their "Free Minds" and here what they reached:

Here is Rizzostine decleration on "Unity" and right to critisize, only her right. Mary forget what she wrote  Haitham's follower for more than 10 years, Who dared to Say:  UP, Jeff and Nahida are right.

"Bilal, as to your comment, of course much of what you wrote was spot on. On the other hand, we had written clearly, and you can see it, that we would no longer allow the comments section to turn into a space for personal insult and if you want it, go to another site that loves that stuff to do it. I see you did, so no harm done, UP is happy. "

Unity of activists, under the leadership of Neopatriots. "What a nightmare for a Palestinian, some of us thought, to have their struggle be co-opted into some other agenda."

Signed by the MODERATOR (Police thought), the two boys, Yousef Abudayyeh, Haitham Sabbah,


 and for the sake of credibility Mohamed Khodr joined. But Were Is Sami Jamil Jaddalla?

Two Quotes, the first is addressed to me.  I painted Haitham and Yousef as pro-Egypt regime, anti-Hamas and anti-resistance.

"If the result was publicity, there was more than enough of that. But for whom? And against whom? ...... Any activist in some way critical of the handling of this, (well not all of them, mainly the Palestinians) were attacked fiercely for “daring” to question the methods and strategy. And they were painted as pro-Egypt regime, anti-Hamas and anti-resistance. As if all of that were programmed somehow, and… oddity of them all, not even the truth."'

Lol, the Neopatriots are reminding US whose the Enemy. Who forgot that Israel is the Major Enemy, and who forgot the US complicity. They Lied and believed their lies.

""Why was it that the enemy, the MAJOR enemy, was shifted to Egypt and only NOW and not all during the siege? How did Israel get let off the hook in less than one day, and WHAT a day!? What is up with that, we asked one another. No one was even talking about US complicity, it seemed as if the whole problem was Egypt, and the whole solution was Egypt. And worse, that the only thing to be liberated was Gaza, and not all of Palestine. What a nightmare for a Palestinian, some of us thought, to have their struggle be co-opted into some other agenda.""

Again they lie and believe their Lies, Hamas, not Egypt, not Abbas, who sold Palestine in Camp David and Oslo. And Hamas is underfire and under siege because, in Israeli and Dayton's Jails because "the only thing  liberated was Gaza, and not all of Palestine"
I would say  ""What a nightmare for Activism to have a ""Palestinian Activist"" as you, the webmaster and editor of Palestine Blogs, "My way or no way""

Here it from the mouths of the LIONS

“The party that indeed poses a national security threat to Egypt and to the entire Arab and Muslim Ummah was the Israeli occupation and Gaza that defends the Arab and Muslim dignity and honor”, Ismael Haneyya,

"For his part, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said that his Movement was not interested in heightening tensions with Egypt, but rather calls for peaceful solutions to pending issues and differences."
What are the pending and  differences and Issues? . I am sure "'Free minds "" know it, and  we now  know where they stand.

Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

Don't be fooled with Neopatriot's call for unity. Abbas and Pharaoh are also calling for palestinian Unity.  They incited the war on Gaza staved 1.5 m palestinian for Unity.

ATWAN hit the nail talking about Neo-Pan-Arbabs, who used Islam to fight Pan-Arab resistance, and when Resistance become Islamic, they are Using Pan-Arabism slogan to fight Resistance.


I was expecting your visit earlier, to vent. You could have done it there at your site.

A look at the majority of comments of your reader tells why you prefered to do it here, and explains your accusation. Moreover, you are angry fore something else and you found a chance to vent your anger.

Your are welcome, and free. Therefore I moved you comment up here.

"Haitham is not doing Pharaoh's work,"

With full respect to his history and good intentions, he didn't just called Viva Palalestinia to apologize to Pharaoh, he called viva palestina to put pressure on Pharaoh and to "put the blame and the pressure on US, Western Power and the occupation, Israel. Then they will allow PA (Dahlan) to run Rafah border, which in turn will make Egyptians opens it." Period.

As for attacking Redress and Littlewood, for the sake of consistency. Why should I attack him, at least he is not a Palestinian, and you said he "af'ter reading Haitham's report, amended his own report, and he is in agreement with Haitham's questioning.' I shall disapoint you by saying Littlewood spoiled his own report. Thanks to Admeral Haitham.

Littlewood claimed that the viva palestina organizers said "'Nothing has been said about complying with the other two conditions." - the unthinkable Conditions number 1 and 3.


TAKE IT FORM THE MOUTH OF Galloway: I refuse any kind of coordination with Israel

Viva Palestina may fail to deliver the Aid, even so, it did a great work in exposing the TRAITORS, and your guy is paving the way to blaim Viva Palestina for that failure.

Hopfully, Littlewood, haven't read Haitham's "Truth" about the food smuggling used as a "cover to many other businesses", and a "passage for terrorist groups such as Al-Qaedaa and their likes which Gaza are full with these days." and party doing "the trading and were the money goes. Definitely not to buy food for the Palestinians in Gaza"I am not working to smear your Guy, his Sites and History. He is doing that to himselve and his sites. I am trying to stop his attempt to smear both missions of the International Freedom Fighters, and speading Abu Alghaitth propaganda about the wall of shame??

Yes we all do mistakes, and non of us holds the ultimate truth. We have to learn the vitue of admitting our mistakes, instaed of storming our minds to justfy it. Finally, why the mistakes of your guys can be forgiven, and the "mistake" of Galloway is not tolerable??"

Mubarak Creates PR Disaster for Egypt and Himself

Where does Mubarak go from here? (Aljazeera)

By Stuart Littlewood – London

Hosni Mubarak, President of Egypt, has plumbed new depths and caused deep offence with his shameful bullying of the Viva Palestina convoy bound for Gaza, which had driven for weeks and thousands of miles from many countries to bring medical aid and other relief to women and children cruelly shut off from the world and under endless lethal bombardment by Israel
The dirty tricks resorted to by Mubarak and his lieutenants, which repeatedly delayed the convoy when only a few hours away from its destination, forced it to retrace its steps and take a dangerous and unnecessary sea voyage menaced by Israeli gunboats, heaped massive extra costs on the mercy mission then confronted it with 2,000 riot police, put him and his rotten regime beyond the pale. In other words, far outside acceptable standards of decency.

Mubarak’s misdeeds have shamed the Egyptian people and indeed all Arabs, and will be written indelibly into the history of the Middle East.

Who would have thought that a man of his experience would visibly stoop so low as to invite wholesale ridicule and disgust?

Faced with all those obstacles the splendid men and women with Viva Palestina rose to the challenge in fine style and gave real meaning to the anthem "We Shall Overcome".
[ Yousef Abudayyeh take notes]
They overcame all right. They overcame all the mean-minded chicanery the loathsome vultures of the Middle East could throw at them.

And with their generous hearts, human decency and sense of honour, the Viva Palestina team delivered a master-class in true grit and cross-cultural togetherness in the teeth of unjustified hostility.

Impressive too was the leader George Galloway. The British MP, considered a renegade in Westminster, once again showed himself to be head and shoulders above the pygmies of the British government when it comes to ‘doing the right thing’.

They all received sterling help en route from many authorities that co-operated in exemplary fashion. Egypt please take notes. [Neopatriots at Rizzostine take notes],

Where does Mubarak go from here? He could begin by asking forgiveness not only from the humanitarian convoy and the suffering children they were striving to reach, but from the world community whose eyes have been opened by this epic, blockade-busting expedition and who now view him and his kind with contempt.
And by asking forgiveness from God. [Haitham take notes]

The crowning glory of Mubarak’s evil intent is the construction of the iron wall along the Gaza border, which threatens the Palestinians’ very survival and has been dubbed the ‘Death Wall’. It would go a long way to restoring Egypt’s credibility and his own standing if he were to do a spectacular U-turn and take it down… such a move being a sign of strength not weakness. [Haitham take notes]

- Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. He contributed this article to Visit:

River to Sea
 Uprooted Palestinian

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