Monday 4 January 2010


Contributed by Nadia
Nadia Quoted Haithan Saying:
  • Let's assume that the Egyptian government was replaced with new democratically elected one, what do you think would happen?
  • Believe me, it is very simple.The tag Is ready: Eygpt for is a terrorist state. Full Stop!
  • Who can guarantee that the newly elected government and its president will not be the same as the previous regime?
  • Israel will rush to occupy Gazan borders again (let's say they will intensify their occupation and bring back their soldiers to Gaza/Egypt borders).
  • The Zionists will find it the moment of history when they can establish their dream of Greater Israel. They might not only occupy Sinai, but invade Egypt across the Red Sea until Israel reaches the Nile.
  • What may happen next is another story.
  • If the existing regime in Egypt or a newly elected one opens the borders with Gaza in the present conditions of Palestine, without any international guarantees that Palestine is going to be autonomous in controlling its own borders for the good of the people in Palestine and not to serve factions whose agendas are not acceptable to any patriot.
Update: The Site is closed (not hacked) thus said Haithan
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10:30 PM, January 03, 2010
My Commemt:

I checked the post and the comments. Exilem comment was the best.
exilem on January 4th, 2010 at 0:50:
اجا يكحلها عماها
eja y kahell'ha a'maha
( My best translation is: In trying to beutify her eyes with Makeup, he blinded her)

By the way, I forget to mention exilem His comments on the previous debate were great.

I avoided getting engaged in the debate about the best rout and the best way to break the siege, who I am to tell the Activists working on Ground what's wronge and right.

Back to your Right Conclusion.

"Free Minds" message is clear.
Viva Palestina, crossed the "borders of solidarity" and Entered the TABOO zone.. 

Changing Pharaoh would be "the moment of history" to establish the dream of Greater Israel. "They might not only occupy Sinai, but invade Egypt across the Red Sea until Israel reaches the Nile." As if Sinai is not occupied.

Let us assume that Haitham's nightmare come true, and Israel dared to invade Egypt across the Red Sea. So what??

Why Israel stoped at the Canal in 1967, and Why Sharon stopped at Km 101.
A stupid would think would dare to open the gates to hell. It would a Historical moment, a historical opportunity for Resistance (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hams to raze that Zionist Entity. I wonder if the Grand Patriot heaed Nasrallah Saying that An Israeli Inavasion would turn into a Great opportunity.

Haitham is talking about Greater Israel, while the Zionist Dream is Shrinking into a Jewish Ghetto surrounded by Walls.

Hiatham's stormed his mind to find above BS justification for his Fartshell.

No to Hamas. Hamas is not an Authority.

"It’s no secret that real democratic elections will always bring surprises. Remember Dubya’s slogans about bringing democracy to the Middle East and new dawn in the Arab world? Well, this was not what they expected. Not what they paid for, and no one ever heard these slogans coming from them ever again in Palestine after Hamas won."

Surprised Haitham forget to mention that Dubya did everything he can do to remove Hamas and collectively punish Palestinian for their Democratic choice. A war was launched to bring Abbas back to Gaza.

Is Haithem Frightened of another Surprise in Egypt?? I Guess, Yes, because he knows that Moslem Brothers would win in a Free Election.


"Opening Rafah Crossing Without PA efficient controlling Gaza Borders "for the good of the people in Palestine and not to serve factions whose agendas are not acceptable to any patriot."

So Long Live Abbas

We know that RESISTENCE is the Agenda of the Palestinian Factions in Gaza, being the only way to liberate Palestine. That Agenda is not acceptable to GRAND PATRIOT. The Siege shall be broken and the One State Solution shall be achieved with "True Activism" and "freedom marchers traveling to the "democratic Israel" and gathering at the occupation internal borders?" not by resistance, and "shouting slogans"

Like Abbas, Naked Grand Patriot is setting conditions:

"If the two states solution is not going to guarantee the return of those who want to return (and it will not guarantee it) then to hell with this solution! Jews are welcome like all other religious and non-religious people to live side by side with Christian and Muslim Arabs and Palestinians in One State. No special conditions for Jews."


Without Armed Resistance you are NAKED

River to Sea
 Uprooted Palestinian

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A call to put Gaza under an international custody… to allow people to rebuild what Israel destroyed and what Ramallah corrupted.