Saturday, 9 January 2010

Jesus enters to Gaza.....they be put him on a Cross

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The Jesus of the 21st century !!
in the Massada of the 21st.Century !!

Jesus has entered into Gaza !!
next week they shall be put him on a Cross
Pilate shall blame Nathaniahu
while Nathaniahu shall ask Pilate to execute him
in the name of the

Mary stayed at home and watched it all ,on the TV
she did not like to be beaten by the Egyptian-police.

Judas stayed in Ramallah dividing his reward
between him and the Pharaoh of Cairo.

Jesus is nowadays a British
because humanism has no nationality
neither should it have one.

Gaza is not yet totally free
but Gaza is not alone...
we are all Gazzaens !!

Raja Chemayel
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