Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Shame on Cairo !! the birthplace of Camp-David (1978)

The bridges to nowhere....and Tunnels to Gaza

 Dedicated to ,
Annie Goosens
and to
Enrique Ferro


  1300 non-Arab-non- Muslim-activist !!
in Cairo.
    The 1.300 Humanist-activist
 were stranded in Cairo,
and not being allowed to reach the starving-Gaza.
   They should have taken those Tunnels

Because ,today, even humanity must be hidden
in Tunnels
when humanity meets with the stooges of the USA in Cairo
on its way to reach and help the victims of  Zionism in Gaza.

Give me those Tunnels anytime
and keep ,for yourself, those broken-bridges
on which walk all your broken-promises !!
  Peace ,nowadays, needs a Tunnel
while  Hypocrisy
may jump from any bridge.
In my book ,
a Jew who does not emigrate to Israel

is a better human-being 
than any Arab-person living  anywhere
when this Arab does not help Palestine ! .
In my book , those 1300 activist
are more worth than all the Arab-leaders 
who became spectators watching
their own impotence !!
 1300 non-Arabs came to Cairo
to show human-brotherhood
but were stopped by less than dogs,
calling themselves "Arabs". 
1300 non-Muslims came to Cairo
to show non-religious- solidarity- with Muslims
but were stopped
by  Godless-policemen
calling themselves "Muslim "
Shame on Cairo  !!

the birthplace of Camp-David (1978)

Shame on this Cairo-Regime  !!
that defamed
the last address of  El Raiss  !!!
Raja Chemayel
do not bury me in Cairo !!
2nd. Jan. 2010
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