Saturday, 24 April 2010

Nathaniahu is not worse........

Frustrated Arab's Diary
Nathaniahu , is not worse.....
 than any other thief.

Lately ,
Benjamin Nathaniahu defending his settlements policy
declared his astonishment to see that he is being blamed
when all the previous governments of Israel has done the same
wild spread of settlements ,  whether  "legal" or illegal.

In other words ,
Nathaniahu was telling to the US-public and to Obama in peculiar :
Why to blame me for stealing ,  when everybody before me was also a thief ??

For once I do agree with Nathaniahu ,
and I ask Obama and the whole world too :
Why to blame Nathaniahu for doing anything illegal
when the whole foundation and history of Israel
is based on a theft.....??  and a big one too !!

You cannot lock-in the wolf in a chicken-farm
and them blame him if he eats.........all the chickens.

You cannot expect that a wolf becomes a vegetarian
when you do not punish him when he eats your chickens.

Sherlock Hommos

Posted by Тлакскала at 2:53 PM
Posted by Тлакскала at 2:53 PM'

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