Saturday, 9 October 2010

Is it a joke ???? or just absurdity !!

Frustrated Arab's Diary

Salomon´s Temple
only this temple ,  shall please God...???

What is that religion which needs a piece of Land ??
and not any piece of land,
but someone´s else own land...

What kind of God is that
who needs that a specific-Temple
to be build in a specific-place,  for him ??
(is the St.Peter Cathedral in the Vatican
not good enough for him ?? as example.)
What kind of religion is that
which you get only if
your mother has it ??
(what happens when the mother
is an atheist-Jew?)

What kind of God is it
who discriminates between the humans ??
(why should a Canaanite loose his home to a Chaldean??)
What kind of holy-scriptures
you would want to rely on
when there is no original-text ,available ??

What kind of monotheists are they
when they do not share their God ??
( when there is only one God , 
you should share it with others)
Why would any people be "chosen"
while the rest of the other peoples
would be all "forgotten" ??

If any land were to be " promised "

why not the Sunny-Hawaii 
or the beautiful-Switzerland ??(why the Land-of Canaan and not Cyprus ??)

If God wanted to free the Slaves
from the Pharaoh´s
why did God free  only
a selective-part of those salves ??
(and why only jewish-slaves could leave Babylon ??)If God were a racist
why did Jesus and Mohammad
preach all of us  universally ??

What kind of religion teaches
segregation and discrimination
inequality among the people ??
(does racism become a religion ??)

Raja Chemayeluniversalist 

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