Saturday, 9 October 2010

Rothshild , the Bible and the Holocaust

Frustrated Arab's Diary

 The Ashkenazim who bought for himself Palestine.

The State of Israel is much more related to the Rothschild-clan
than to the Old Testament or to the Holocaust.
the Israeli-relations and connections to the Rothschild dynasty 
is greater than its connection to the Old-testament
and even to the  Holocaust all together.
To start with ,
the Jews of the 20Th.Century have nothing to do
with the Jews mentioned in the times of the Bible......nothing !!
Secondly ,
only 1.7 % of the citzens of the State of Israel
are Holocaust-survivors, or children thereof.
Thirdly ,
The Jews of today are made out of ,at least, 5 races
and out of 10 different cultures......
Conclusion :
"Israelis" are impostors  who came to us
under illegal and false-pretentions !!!
Raja Chemayel
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