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Lieberman: Who’s the Enemy in the War on Terror?

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June 20, 2010 ·

On June 15, 2010 – the Wall Street Journal (listed as an Israel Hasbara Committee member) published an Israeli propaganda crap,written by Zionist Jew Senator Joe Lieberman, chairman Senate Homeland Security Committee. In the ‘opinion’ Joe Lieberman claims that America’s real enemy is “violent Islamist extremism”. I am sure, ‘Mr. Israel’, cannot be so ignorant of the fact that since the creation of the UNcountry – most of terrorist acts against the US were carried out by the Jewish extremists and not the ‘Islamist extremists’. To name a few Jewish terrorism; Lavon Affair (1954), President John F. Kennedy’s assassination (1963), USS Liberty attack (1967), Operation Trojan (1986), Pan Am 103 bombing (1988), 9/11 (2001), AA Flight 587 (2001), Bali bombing (2002 & 2005), Madrid train bombing (2004), USS Cole bombing (2000), Nigerian underwear bomber (2009), Time Square hoax (2010) and unlimited other false-flage operations.

Sure, it were not Muslims who benefit from the  Wall Street financial scam, but the Jewish elites. Muslims, also, did not pull the plug on Iceland\’s financial disaster, but the Israeli Jews. The Icelandic heist was carried by the Jew bankers the same way as the plundering of US Treasury in 2008-2009, through an unregulated ‘economic bubble’ scheme very much like Jew Bernard Madoff Investment, which cashed US$60 billion including US$600 million Jewish charity funds.

Jewish historian Sebag Monifior in his book Stalin: Court of the Red Tsar, noted that when the communist killing machine worked in full force – Stalin was surrounded by beautiful young Jewish women. Stalin’s top mass murderers included Jews like Leonid Reichman,head of the dreaded NKVD and Lazar Kaganovich, member of Central Committee and Politburo. Niall Furguson, another historian in the book The War of the World and Professor Igal Halfin (Tel aviv University) also support that many of world greatest murderers were Jewish.

In 2008, Amir Oren wrote in Israel daily Haaretz that the CIA, State Department and Pentagon knew back in August 1974 that not only the Zionist entity had developed nuclear weapon but it was also providing nuclear materials, equipment or technology to Iran, South Africa and other then-friendly countries.

The Sunday Times reported on January 6, 2008 that US government whistleblower Sibel Edmond claims the Zionist Jew Lawrence Franklin, Pentagon analyst, was being investigated for transfering nuclear secrets to foreign countries. Franklin was convicted and jailed in 2006 for passing US defense information to Israel Lobby (AIPAC). The other notable American traitor is Jonathan Pollard, a US Navy Jew employee, who was convicted for supplying Israel with close to one million US secret documents. He is considered a ‘hero’ in Israel and every Israeli prime minister is known for asking his release from US prison. And let me remind Joe Lieberman that the only couple executed for spying for a foreign country happened to be Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were executed on June 19, 1953 – for supplying US nuclear secrets to Russia.

War hawks like Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates are preparing the ground for the radical Jews’ replay of their Nazi deception of “poor oppressed Jews are being slaughtered in millions by the Islamofacist Iranian” as result of Iran’s military response to Israel’s bombing of Iranian cities to kill as many civilians as possible as Israeli did during 34-day attack on Lebanon in 2006.  At that point the Jewish Lobby will call upon Barack Obama to fulfill his biblical promise to help save poor Israel. Zionist Jews have successfully played such deception in the past to push the US into WW II (1941), which resulted in the death of 292,000 Amercan soldiers. Ironically, the Nazi Army they coned the US Army to fight – had 150,000 German Jew soldiers.
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