Monday, 19 November 2012

Gaza War and the British anti-Semite cartoon

The award-winning British cartoonisist Steve Bell did it again. His latest cartoon (at the top of this post) publish in Guardian (November 15, 2012) shows Israeli warmongering prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking Israeli Jews to vote his hawkish Likud party back into power while two top British Islamophobes; former British prime minister Tony Blair and British foreign secretary William Hague supporting Netanyahu for his latest genocide of Gaza citizens. In the background are Israeli flags with the ‘Star of Zion’, explosions and a sign stating VOTE LIKUD.

The cartoon was published after Hague asserted that Hamas is responsible for Israel’s latest deadly airstrikes on civilians and Hamas government offices.

British Jewish Chronicle (November 16, 2012) called the cartoon ‘anti-Semitic’ – applying that Steve Bell is blaming Jews as “omnipotent conspirators”. Bell has refuted the accusation by claiming that his inspiration came from a press conference given by Netanyahu in front of numerous Israeli flags.
British Jewish lawyer Jremey Brier has lodged a complaint with newspaper owner the Scott Trust. Brier has accused the paper for publishing Bell’s cartoon which he claims that by portraying Jews as puppeteers, reminds the British Jews of Europe’s old-fashioned anti-Semitism. In his stupid logic, Brier wants people to believe that making fun of Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Qaddafi, Bashar Assad, Obama, Putin, etc. by Jewish and non-Jewish media is based on “freedom of press” – but not the crticism of Israeli Jewish leaders.

Daily Guardian which was once a great supporter of the World Zionist movement – has recently been blamed for being critical of the Zionist regime.

The Zionist excuse is another trick to divert world attention from Zionist regime’s Nazi-like assualt on its own private concentration camp as it continues its 64-year-old plan to wipe off historic Palestine from world map.

Last year, Tony Blair told BBC that Iran was one of the biggest state sponsors of radical Islam, and it was necessary to prevent it by any means from developing a nuclear weapon. In 2010, Hague told British Israel Lobby that he will fight Iran for Israel.

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