Sunday, 18 November 2012


It always starts with Obama
After the ready made revolutions come the ready made wars . Wars are no more a serious business , they are being designed and emptied of their meaning and deprived of their goals . The news has just reached us that Netenyahu is hiding in a shelter and before that that missiles are falling over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem . How come people are not cheering? ? Why aren’t we celebrating ? In the streets and every where why aren’t we feasting ? So long have we waited for this moment to see Israelis humiliated, running away from missiles , displaced, chased and seeking shelter .

How many times have we dreamt to see Tel Aviv shelled and the Israelis subdued ? How many times have we dreamt to have Israelis suffer the way we suffer , the way Palestinians suffer? Are we victorious? If yes then someone must have stolen our victory from us .Where is the victory over Israel that is not to be found ? Where are the objecting voices who accuse Palestinians of being terrorists, and accusing the Resistance of being criminal ? Where are the voices of the International Community ? Where is the UN and Ban Ki Moon ? Where is Clinton and Obama? Why aren’t they rushing to the help of their offspring ?

What is it that we are witnessing ? A dream war with real victims or a real war with real victims? Or something else ? It always starts with Obama. When Gaza was hit the first time , Obama had just started his presidency and now Obama has started another presidency that starts the same way. A coincidence or something else ? What are the declared goals of this war ? What does it try to achieve ? And why the missiles that were kept in store for so long are soaring the skies right now and to what avail? How is this affecting the events in Syria and why Syria and Iran are not being thanked for providing the Palestinian Resistance with sophisticated weapon and long ranged missile and why is it that Egypt is thanked instead for merely calling back the Egyptian ambassador to Israel and visiting a hospital in Gaza ?

So many questions need to be answered . God knows if we are not witnessing the continuation of the Arab spring where Arab masses were manipulated into serving the world agenda and employed later in the war on Syria. And God knows if all this is not to promote the group of Mursi/Erdogan / Haniyya and market them as the defenders of Palestine and the Palestinian cause and then put the cause to sleep again ? Or is this the missing chapter of the Arab spring ? The final chapter of the Arab revolutions that has for title Palestine , the only chapter that remained unpublished and that needed the final touch and the final say regarding the Palestinian issue?

What will be the outcome of this war we don’t know, the choices are not many . The Palestinian Resistance does not have enough missiles to go round and the roads are blocked and Iran can no more supply the Palestinians through Syria . The HAMAS has burned the bridges with Syria and joined the sectarian club of Mursi /Erdogan .

Has the outcome of this war been decided previously and what is the settlement agreed upon ?
And have the Israelis decided to invade Gaza after isolating it from its natural allies Syria and Iran to finish their part of the deal ?

Whatever the answers to these questions are , the fact remains that the people of Gaza as well as all Palestinian and Arab people are under double attack from outside as well as from inside.
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