Thursday, 19 May 2011

He did it, Hassan Hijazi returned to Yafa (Java) - Millions will follow

Palestinian Bouazizi

”The old will die and the young will forget (Nakba).” David Ben Gurion, first Zionist prime minister said in 1948, 35 years before the birth of Hassan Hijazi, the Palestinian Bouazizi.

Unlike poor Bouazizi, the Tunisian revolution icon, Hassan, was a clerk at Syrian ministry of education, though, he as all uprooted palestinians in Syria enjoyed the same civil right of the granted to Syrians, his dream was to return to Yafa, where his father and grandfather were born. . It was a dream that come true, Hassan Hijazi, 28, one of hundreds uprooted Palestinian who crossed the the mined Wadi Al-sarkhat, and several military fences seperating occupied Majdal Shams from Syria, he took a public bus to Jaffa in search of his parents' former house. Hassan's mother said that her son was determined to return and reach Jaffa while he was still studying, and even when he traveled to Aleppo to study where he remained for several years.

My friend Dr. Franklin Lamb, hopes the Nakba day may pave the way for "making some basic civil rights for Lebanon's refugees in Lebanon.

The Israeli media described Hasssan as a "Syrian" civil servent and called him an "infiltrator", no surprise, Golda denied the existance of Palestinians. ‘Only Jews have the right to infiltrate Arab lands’
No problem, Palestine, from river to sea is the occupied part of southern Syria (BILAD al-Sham).

I used to say: Blood shall defeat the sword, the magic shall turn against the magicians. Thanks to the Palestinian Blood shed at Maroun al-Ras, and Majdal Shams that helped Hassan to realize his dream, the dream of Milions of uprooted palestinian.

Gilad Atzimon hit the nail, Palestinians are more decisive, firm and united than their parents’ or grandparents’ generations.

They Call it “Independence” … We Call it Nakba, thus wrote reham alhelsi, two days before nakba day.

Uprooted Palestinians (the core of the Palestinian cause), in Lebanon, and Syria marked May 15, 2011, as a turning point in Palestinian history.

Return to Palestine, is no more a right, that will never die, its now an exercise ( Return in Practice ), and what happened on Nakba day in Marou al-Ras, Majdal shams, occupied WB, and besieged Gaza, is the beginning of the full liberation, and the millions great march to Jerusalem. the countdown has begun.

Haneyya is right: Palestinians have begun to 'bury Nakba' forever .
A final world for our international friends: Thank for your support, the UN can't "be trusted to grant long overdue statehood to Palestinians" Ask Arafat, ask Abbas, and ask Hassan Hejazi, who's father spent his life waiting waited the UN to implement its 194 resolton , and finally ask Netanyahu who got the Nakba Day rallies message as an event that threatens the existence of Israel. Nothing but full liberation

Hejazi the first

"I don't want to go back to Syria," Hijazi added, "I want to stay here in my village, where my father and grandfather were born.

"But Syria is a good country for Palestinians and I don’t know what the Israeli government would do to us. I want to stay here and bring my family here," he noted.

When asked what he thought of President Assad, who has ordered a violent crackdown against anti-regime protesters, Hijazi said solemnly, "He is a good president."

In an earlier interview with Channel 10, Hijazi recounted how he made his way from the northern border to central Israel. "I saw some peace activists, one Jew and a few French Arabs, and I told them – I want to go with you – because my dream is to reach Jaffa, the city where I am from."

Hijazi said he hitched a ride with "peace activists" from Majdal Shams. He told Channel 10 that the "Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah" pressured the Assad regime in Syria to allow the demonstration, and called for a military conquest of Israel by Arab armies.

"This isn't Israel, it's Palestine. This country must not be Jewish," he told Hebrew media, before being arrested by a policeman for illegal entry into Israel.
An additional two Syrians were arrested in Majdal Shams during house-to-house searches throughout the day on Monday, Rosenfeld said.
Earlier, a Syrian-Palestinian infiltrator who was a passenger in a taxi driven by a Palestinian man from east Jerusalem was arrested along with the driver.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


Griya Mobil Kita said...

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Gilad Atzmon said...

It is an incredible story. And i do not have any doubt, many more will come. This is just the beginning of a new wave. I start to grasp that Palestinian resistance will be learned by generation to come.

Unknown said...

Judging by his last name, his roots are from current day Saudi Arabia. Non-Christian to boot. Jafa has been for the brunt of its existence, Christian. Why this retrospective obsession of Arabs towards Jaffa, is beyond me.

Another hapless attempt at disinformation and rewriting of history.

uprooted Palestinian said...

Judging by your comment you are a Zionist, taking about disinformation and rewriting of history. Ha, HA

Using the same logic of last mame Judgement, would you tell us what's the roots of Avigdor Lieberman, Nahum Goldman.
Natan Sharansky, Menachem Begin etc?

Have you ever heard of Fouad Hijazi
born in Safad in 1904, hanged on 17/06/1939, bed with his Akka colleagues Jamjoom Mohammed Atta and Al-Zeer in three consecutive hours after the events of Buraq Revolution (1929).

Anonymous said...

Even though I am Jewish and do not support Hijazi's belief in a military conquest of Israel, I find his story touching. I have personally embarked on similar, though more available, journeys to my roots.

Lets hope that common ground can be reached. As an American, like many Americans I have moved far from my childhood home, let alone my parents' home, and not always voluntarily, so the idea that someone should necessarily have a right to live where his parents did is somewhat alien. That having been said, if his parents are alive and want to return to Jaffa, I fully support them.

Lets work together for a future with compromises that are an improvement over the current. If people like his parents could return and people like him could readily visit, I think we all agree this is a stride in the right direction.

Roger Tucker said...

I too am amused by the sayanim Tal's comment. He needs to go back for Mossad's remedial training. Palestinian Christians are just as much Arabs as the Muslims are.

Unknown said...

@Dirk Johanson. WTF??????????????Jews (your people) kicked them out of their houses and their land because as they state their grand grand grand grand grand grand... fathers once lived there...Are you a complete ignorant? Now you state that it is ok for his parents to go back and that he could visit???? The stupidest statement ever!!!!!!Because you moved away from your parents house, you are suggesting that an entire nation doesn't have the right to return??? Your comment is so ridiculous, I don't know if I should laugh or cry...

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