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Hezbollah confirms sending drone into Israeli airspace

October 11, 2012 by occupiedpalestine

Note occpal: This post will be updated with the transcript and video of the speech as soon as available.
Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah (file photo)
Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah (file photo)
PRESSTV | Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:34PM GMT
Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah confirms the Lebanese resistance movement has sent a drone deep into the Israeli airspace evading radar systems.
The operation code-named Hussein Ayub saw Hezbollah’s drone fly hundreds of kilometers into the Israeli airspace and getting very close to Dimona nuclear plant without being detected by advanced Israeli and US radars, Nasrallah said during a televised speech late on Thursday.
“This is only part of our capabilities,” he stressed, adding that Israelis have admitted to their security failure despite being provided with the latest technologies by Western powers.
Hezbollah secretary-general stated that Hezbollah’s drones are made in Iran but assembled by the resistance movement.

Hezbollah plans to send more drones over Israel in the future, he added, adding that the operation shows the resistance movement is ready to defend Lebanon.

The resistance leader further dismissed Western accusations of Hezbollah’s intervention in the Syrian unrest, describing the allegation as “sheer lie.”

“Hezbollah has not fought alongside Syrian forces…. It is not true that Hezbollah is going to take some land from Syria,” Nasrallah stated.

Hezbollah’s leader also rejected allegations that Abu Abbas was the movement’s commander in Syria, and condemned insurgents in Syria for threatening Lebanon.
“Threatening Hezbollah is of no use,” he emphasized.


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Reminder from occpal:
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"Israeli" Army Estimates: Hizbullah Launched Drone Towards Dimona, Has Hundreds of Drones

Sources in the "Israeli" Military Intelligence Directorate (AMAN) reported that Hizbullah possesses hundreds of drones mostly Russian-made and Iranian-made.
According to these sources, some of these drones are allocated for carrying explosive materials that are able to hit targets in "Israel".

But the prevailing belief among the military intelligence is that the drone is of an old model. According to the sources, Hizbullah knows now how to use those drones for distant ranges.

An officer in the "Israeli" Air Force told Channel Ten that the drone is not a cause for concern, as the "Israeli" army has defense systems capable of shooting down drones crossing into "Israel"!
"Israeli" army: Hizbullah launched the drone toward Dimona

Ron Ben-Yishai, the military affairs analyst in "Yedioth Aharonoth" news site, said "The deployment of a Patriot battery yesterday at Mount Carmel comes in the context of the "Israeli" army's preparations for a joint exercise with the Americans, which will be held in two weeks." The "Israeli" army estimates that the maneuver will lead to an increased tension in the region. The "Israeli" army is intending to use the Patriot radar to detect drones such as those intercepted in the south of al-Khalil (Hebron).

The "Israeli" army also assessed that the unmanned plane dropped in the settlement of "Yaar Yatir" was launched by Hizbullah and perhaps also by Iranian elements, and was likely heading toward Dimona reactor.

According to "Yedioth Ahronoth", al-Mayadeen channel which is close to Hizbullah acknowledged that "the Lebanese terrorist organization" directed the drone.

Source: "Israeli" websites, translated and edited by
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