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Syria: Russian Journalist about Terrorism and biased Media

Syria: Journalist Anhar Kochneva spoke about her experiences and opinions.

The Russian journalist Anhar Kochneva, who has several times already affirmed in reports and interviews that what is taking place in Syria is an organized terrorism supported by foreign sides and promoted by Arab and also foreign satellite channels to spread fear among Syrians and to spread false information into the world.

That al Arabiya and al Jazeera aren’t credible should be already clear for more and more people who try to follow the events and the coverage about the situation in Syria.

Anhar Kochneva (Kotschneva/Kotschnewa) is living and working in Syria since a long time and often travels through the country. This is no problem for her because the journalist Kochneva is able to speak Arabic fluently, thus the coverage of the events in Syria by her are indeed interesting and are carried out by own experiences and original statements; she doesn`t need a translator, for example.

On Tuesday, at a lecture delivery that has taken place at the Arab Cultural Center in Tartous in the Syrian coast town of Tartous (Tartus), the Russian journalist Anhar Kochneva has again stated that she has accompanied the Syrian Arab Army in several of military operations, e.g. in Damascus and the countryside of the Syrian capital.

She has documented and photographed her experiences. Afterwards, she has reported about these experiences in these the operations of the Syrian Arab Army. Anhar Kochneva has also visited the Syrian city of Homs and reported about the now sadly famous district of Baba Amr (Baba Amro) in June.

The journalist Kochneva has noted at this lecture delivery in Tartous that the Syrian soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army were committed to protecting the journalists who are with them, even if it cost them their lives while they try to protect the journalists.

She has again confirmed that the terrorist groups often try to attack the journalists who accompany the Syrian army and she also has affirmed that these groups of armed radicals have failed to affect the Syrians’ awareness and that is one of the reasons why these armed and Western-backed fighters and Islamists resorted to bombings, abduction, massacres and murder in order to manipulate the public opinion by using false-flag actions and staged videos / scenes, for example.

In addition, the Russian journalist Anhar Kochneva has also pointed out in her visit of this event in the Syrian city of Tartous (Tartus), that the Western main stream media broadcasts false news that are not based on the facts. Like a lot of other people in Syria and some foreigners who have also experienced this, the journalist has herself also verified personally the biased and false reporting by Western media.

Afterwards, Anhar Kochneva called on the Syrian media to continue in their coverage and to be faster with its reports from the ground in order to prevent e.g. the propaganda channels from some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia from fabricating information and news again.

It is understandable that the Russian journalist also said that the non-democratic sanctions and the further decisions against the Syrian media confirm the Western hypocrisies and are finally something like a medal of honor for the Syrian journalists.

She also stressed that to emerge from the current crisis in Syria requires sacrifice, confidence, resilience, fidelity, and a lot of work, of course.

At this lecture delivery in the Syrian coast town of Tartous, this Russian journalist also showed some of her footage that she has personally recorded while she has entered areas with the Syrian Arab Army that were previously devastated by the U.S.-supported armed groups of fighters, religious fanatics, and mercenaries.

In further horrible videos, the other guests of this lecture delivery in Tartous were able to see, for example, that these armed groups of terrorists in Syria use children soldiers, even encourage them to wear weapons and to fight against the Syrian Arab army, but the videos also confirmed that these Western-backed terrorists commit massacres against Syrian civilians.

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