Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Differences in attitude between Zionist controlled USA and socialist Venezuela

US rejects joining treaty to protect rights of persons with disabilities

The US Senate has failed to ratify an international treaty aimed at protecting the rights of persons with disabilities as a group of hard-line senators opposed the treaty, arguing that it may obstruct US laws.

Although the Senate members voted 61 to 38 on Tuesday in favor of the Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, the count fell short of the required two-thirds for signing on to an international pact, local media outlets reported.


Venezuela Celebrates Advances for People with Disabilities
The International Day of People with Disabilities was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992. Venezuela will be holding different activities for it until 8 December and the Central University of Venezuela is conducting a series of workshops and conferences over the next three days.

Further, in the next few days organisations of people with disabilities will present a proposal to the National Assembly to create a ministry for disability.

In a ceremony in Caracas yesterday, members of the Front for Disability Juan 23 said they were no longer “orphans” as they were under previous governments. They emphasised that the law for people with disabilities, passed in 2007, has made them more visible.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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