Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sakr Confessed to His Crime, Time Awaits for Hariri

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Client Zionism in Lebanon Saad Hariri met with Minister Danny Ayalon in Qatar. Israel agreed
to train 500 young  mercenaries a month in Jordan to fight Hezbollah

Lebanon: Al-Mustaqbal MP Okab SakrAl-Mustaqbal party MP Okab Sakr confessed to the voice records leaked to local media in Lebanon, admitting that they contain his real words by his own voice.

Speaking to the Saudi al-Sharq al-Awsat daily Monday, Sakr feared of nobody to say in public that he is deeply involved in arming the Syrian opposition groups and foreign militants.

The recordings published by Al-Akhbar newspaper unfolded Sakr’s involvement in supporting the terrorist insurgents the militant groups in Syria.

In the meantime, some figures are working hard to keep suspicions away from Al-Mustaqbal party leader, the fact which is unlike the content of the leaked calls.

“Mr. Hariri is becoming mad. He wants decisive action any way,” Sakr said in the recordings.
Lebanon: Al-Mustaqbal party leader MP Saad HaririWorthy to recall here that during a previous interview with Future television, Sakr defied the Lebanese politicians, saying: “if they present that I gave one of those (militants in Syria) a rifle, I will stand before the court.”

“I am still at my words. Let them bring the proof and sentence me,” he added.

However, this voice record represents a conclusive evidence that Hariri tirelessly pursue Sakr’s movements.

“We are following the matter. You didn’t sleep, neither I,” Sakr said in the leaks.

“I know that, all the Saudis are also concerned,” the Lebanese MP added, amid the silence of his chief of staff MP Saad Hariri.

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