Friday, 7 December 2012

Syria: Only a few more weeks


Syria: Chemical weapons propaganda at the next stage.

A new propaganda story is now being added to the “Syria” topic. This topic is not really new. However, it is getting more and more coverage right now.

The media began, few days ago, massive campaigns on a “most likely use” of chemical weapons by the Syrian Arab army. The absurdity of these reports do not need be mentioned – this is already so obvious.

The important thing is something else. The type of the chemical warfare agent is mentionedSarin.

It gets just mentioned as clearly as the fact that the gloomy Syrian chemists have “already mixed this poison gas and have also filled it into bombs”. Sarin is stored in two separate components, which are only mixed shortly before use.

The efficacy of Sarin, which is at a level which is enough for its use, is not eternal reserved by this mixture, it varies from a few days to five weeks by the use of certain stabilizers. In other words, one can expect a provocation by the use of chemical weapons in Syria within this period.

US-Flugzeugträgers "Eisenhower"The approach of the U.S. aircraft carrier “USS Dwight D. Eisenhower” to the Syrian coast is also to note. Equally interesting is the recent visit of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Qatar, General al-Attiya, to Tunisia.

The outcome of this visit was that units of the Tunisian military were put under the command of Qatar (this can be found at and in a report by the Tunisian Ministry of Defence).

There are also the earlier announcements about the massive concentration of vast hordes of bandits and terrorists in Lebanon and Turkey in a direction of impact towards Damascus and Idlib (Idleb).

allegedly hama Syria: Only a few more weeks
Hama in Fog
The pre-emptive strike of the Syrian Arab army has apparently extended the deadline a bit. Nevertheless, the upcoming weeks will probably get “darned hot” in Syria.

The picture from above is from a website by the terrorists and it allegedly represents the Syrian city of Hama after the use of chemical weapons.

In the upcoming days and weeks, there will certainly be a flood of such pictures from Syria (in order to increase the propaganda against the Syrian government and to boost the possibility for further actions against it).

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