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PUMPED:The Statehood, the Carrot and the Stick: "The stick is a carrot, and the carrot is a stick"

By Uprooted Palestinian
First posted on Sept, 2011

This carton tells the story of "Father Palestine", the story of turning Palestine Liberation Organization into Palestine Liquidation Oraganization, Both are PLO.

Six weeks ago,Khalid Hamayreh, hailed "The good news" from Cairo"  The latest agreement between Fatah and Hamas to translate national reconciliation efforts into facts on the ground is a perfect Ramadan gift for the Palestinian people. ""the Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to move against Muhammed Dahlan, the perpetual trouble-maker, will erase a major cause of the collision between Hamas and Fatah." he claimed. 
According to well informed Alan Hart on 28 July as  Abbas was "clearing his deck to be able to say “No” to Obama... Fatah security forces surrounded and raided the home of Mohammed Dahlan. They arrested 23 of his bodyguards and confiscated their weapons. Could Abbas have feared that if he continued to defy the Obama administration by proceeding with his UN initiative, Dahlan would lead an American-encouraged and Israeli-supported coup against him?" Alan asked. (It’s not much of a secret that Dahlan is a CIA asset and a Mossad collaborator, he added. Is it the due "Regime Change in Palestine" Veteran Sami Jadallah calling for ??

So the Abbas's move against Muhammed Dahlan, has nothing to do, neither with Palestinian reconciliation, nor with the poisning of Arafat. Otherwise Abbas would have have started by unifying Palestinian factions, before going to UN for his statehood. 
Insead he foiled a Mossad/CIA coup against him.

Mazin Qumsiyeh, called todays appearance of Abbas in front of the UN as the "International Day of Peace". Mazin briefs his comments on Obama's new lies in front of the UN in brackets:
  • "Let's be honest: Israel is surrounded by neighbors that have waged repeated wars against it. [false]
  • Israel's citizens have been killed by rockets fired at their houses and suicide bombs on their buses. [correct but this should be balanced by explaining that 10 times more Palestinians were butchered] Israel's children come of age knowing that throughout the region, other children are taught to hate them. [Israelis teach hate 100 more times than the other way around and hate of the colonizer to the colonized is not the same as the reverse].
  • Israel, a small country of less than eight million people, looks out at a world where leaders of much larger nations threaten to wipe it off of the map. [That is nonsense; Israel wiped Palestine including 530 villages and towns and now is the fourth strongest country plus having you Obama and Congress as its lackeys].
  • The Jewish people carry the burden of centuries of exile, persecution, and the fresh memory of knowing that six million people were killed simply because of who they were. [Irrelevant and highly emotional: just study the history of Nazi-Zionist collaboration to see how absurd to link Apartheid Israel with "The Jewish People", itself a mistaken term no more valid than concepts of "The Christian People" or "The Muslim People"]. These facts cannot be denied [they are regurgitation of Zionist myths, irrelevant facts, and half truths]. The Jewish people have forged a successful state in their historic homeland [a racist apartheid state based on land theft and ethnic cleansing; is that your definition of success?].
  • Israel deserves recognition [no it does not, Israel deserves to be faced with the truth and pressured to transform just like Apartheid South Africa]...
Well Mazin, Obama bowed to an orchestrated Zionist lobby, and occupied congress, he just advocated the Likud mantra to the UN general assembly. So, neither you, nor the call Veterans today, urging President Obama to end the cycle of endangering American national security through continued ‘blank check’ support for Israel. Their support to the so called Palestinian Statehood will not increase American National Security.

According to Ramzy Baroud,"The reasons behind the PA bid for statehood range between tactical politics (involving Israel and the US) and diverting attention from the PA’s own failures.....The Palestinian people are fed up with symbolic victories. They may have guaranteed Abbas and his men all the trappings of power, but they have failed to reclaim even one inch of occupied Palestine."

A stupid may believe, that recognizing a "Statehood" on 20, or 50 percent of Palestine Land led by the the Collabrator Abbas, would close the Palestine file, or increase the "American National Security". Only A free Palestine: Free from the River to the Sea would do that.

Abbas said it today, he is not at the UN to  De-legitimize Israel, he is there to legitimize his "Statehood" His Yasser Abed Rabbo said it long time ago, "We recognized israel, call it whatever you like, Jewish state, Chinese State, but please show us the map."

Frightened with Zionist Samson option blackmail, Alan Hart who knows that Israel that has no right to exist unless recognized by Palestinians said it long time ago, he wrote:
"I believe the Palestinian leadership should now say, in the most explicit terms, that most Palestinians are still prepared to live in permanent peace with an Israel inside its pre-1967 borders.",
Today, the so-called "Palestinian leadership" said it "in the most explicit terms".
Today, Abbass said, in the most explicit terms, that he is ready for (another two decades) negotiations, and got immediate answer from Netanyaho, let us start here, at the UN.

According to Alan Hart
"It’s reasonable to speculate that Abbas will emerge from the forthcoming UN session with General Assembly recognition of Palestine as a non-voting member or observer state, but will that be a reason for hope that the Palestinian cause can at last be advanced where it matters – on the ground?" he asked.
Alan Hart parially hit the nail in saying: Netanyaho could not say “Yes” to President Obama and the Palestinian could not say “No”, He should have said: Abbas could not say "No", because Palestinians said "NO" for six decades, and the Majority of Palestinians still saying it, "Abbas and Fayyad never did represent Palestinians and don't now" Thus said Stephen Lendman, and all real friends of Palestine,

Veterans know that the only way maintain their national security is to cut the head of the Zionist snake, the "trained circus animals for the Israel Lobby", fully liberate their Occupied White house, and Congress. In doing their home work they may help the Palestinian cause, by leaving Palestinian to deal with "the early Zionists ....the ancestral Europeans, communists and atheists", and decide their future.

A stupid may believe the the so-called "humanitarian intervention" in Libya shall bring democracy to Libyans, and security to America.

Today, the so-called PSC has made it, Wrote Gilad Atzmon, got "approved by the notorious UK hard core Zionist Jewish Chronicle, after amending its statement of purpose expressly to include a denunciation of Holocaust denial.” and the "The JC was very happy to report that the statement on the PSC's website now reads: "Any expression of racism or intolerance, or attempts to deny or minimise the Holocaust have no place in our movement." 
"the JC was kind enough to report that “the move has been welcomed by Jewish anti-Zionists such as Tony Greenstein.”
"Along the years I have heard Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs complaining that British Solidarity organizations hardly reflects their voice. At least now they know why."
It is the Carrot/Stick policy my dear, Gilad, The stick is a carrot, and the carrot is a stick
"The Americans are threatening to cut aid to the Palestinians if Abbas goes ahead with the UN statehood bid. This 'aid' is used to pay for corruption amongst Palestinian officials. What's left pays for the police state to oppress Palestinians so Israel won't have to. Cutting aid would benefit most Palestinians. Some threat! The stick is a carrot."
"When the Obama administration wanted to be certain that Congress would not block $50 million in new aid to the Palestinian Authority last month, it turned to a singularly influential lobbyist: Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
At the request of the American Embassy and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mr. Netanyahu urged dozens of members of Congress visiting Israel last month not to object to the aid, according to Congressional and diplomatic officials. Mr. Netanyahu’s intervention with Congress underscored an extraordinary intersection of American diplomacy and domestic politics, the result of an ever-tightening relationship between the Israeli government and the Republican Party that now controls the House"....

"The carrot is even more ridiculous. For decades, the Zionist plan has been to stall using bad faith negotiations and promises of further negotiations while it expands its illegal settlements each day. If Abbas backs down he gets . . . more negotiations? Along with a requirement to recognize the legality of the settlements and the Jewishness of the state of Israel? You have got to be kidding me. The carrot is a stick." 
"One of the members of Congress who attended the meeting with Mr. Netanyahu in August, Representative Michael G. Grimm of New York, a Republican, said that it was carefully explained to the delegation that the money would be used for training Palestinian police officers who work closely with the Israeli government. " 
"Good luck to the Palestinians on their big day."  

Back to Mazin. After compairing what Obama said with his first speech in the UN Mazin suggested giving Obama a gift: a copy of Prof. Naseer Aruri's excellent book titled "Dishonest Broker" about the destructive role of the US. "In fact Abbas explicitly stated that he does not want to "delegitimize Israel"; this means he accepts the racist Zionist project as legitimate." Mazin added. He asked "let me ask you how a position of a key Palestinian leader like Abbes would be if he gave a speech with total honesty telling his people something along these lines:
"We went into Oslo with good intentions, it was supposed to last for five years and give us a state in all of the West Bank and Gaza. For the past nearly 20 years it did not work, our refugees are still refugees and Israel doubled its settlement activities and killed the two-state solution. Now I recognize that we lapsed in our judgments not only about our colonizers but also about the US and some other Western Countries who have strong Zionist lobbies. Because of this, I am stepping down soon. My fate will be up to the Palestinian people and I will work hard to obey their just demands for change. In the coming few weeks we in Fatah will work together with all political factions to create a transition body to prepare and run elections for the Palestinian National Council to represent all Palestinians around the world (in diaspora and on both sides of the Green line). This PNC council will be bound by the original charter of the PLO that calls for a democratic pluralistic state in all of Palestine among other things unless the new representative PNC decides to change elements of such a charter. By going back top the people, we join the era of the Arab spring…"
"Or imagine if Obama got the courage to go to the American people and say that he has demanded a settlement freeze and rollback based on International law to achieve real and just peace but that a strong lobby in Washington ensures that US foreign policy is held hostage to Israel. What will happen to the statute of such politicians? .....
As "Decency ....seems to be absent at the UN this week.... We will have to again rely on ourselves (the people) to change history. Starting a new chapter on this International day of peace may not be such a bad idea."
What chapter Mazin??
Add Armed resistance to your 50 chapters.

What "Peace"?

Ask Gilad Atzmon "Shalom" means security for the Jews, "the master race."
Peace, sharing the land with the master race is an illusion. Nothing but Full Liberation from river to sea.

Just after pullishing this post, I found am e-mail from  Dr. Mazin: Kudos Mr. Abbas
and another one from Dr. Ashraf : Recognition of Israel Necessitates Recognizing Palestine First

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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