Monday, 3 December 2012

Saqr Confesses: Recordings Mine, Neither Shy... Nor Concerned

"If you're not shy, do whatever you want."
This Arabic proverb can be the best answer for the Future Movement actions and declarations, on top of which are MP Okab Saqr confessions that he has a major role in arming the Syrian rebels.
On November 7, and in an interview with the Future TV, Saqr denied having any role in arming Syrian rebels.

Boldly, the Future MP asked his accusers "to sue him if they find any evidence proving his engagement is such activities."
On Friday November 30, both al-Akhbar daily and OTV channel broadcasted sound recordings for the MP in which his role in shedding the Syrian blood left no space for denies.

Hours later, Saqr admitted that the sound belongs to him.

In an interview with Asharq al-Awsat pan Arab daily, Saqr said: This is my voice, and these are my own words...I'm not concerned."
Acting as a hero, who seeks an honoring medal for leading the game of Syrian blood, the MP stressed: "I'm not afraid. Let them do whatever they want. I've always been under the law."
"I am solely responsible for my acts. Let the jurisdiction carry out its tasks," Saqr said.
He further claimed that "if they want to lift my parliamentary immunity, let them do it... I don't take it as a cover."
"Do the other suspects involved in the Syrian developments dare to lift the immunity parallel to me and be sued?" he wondered.
In an attempt to undermine the role of his leader former Prime Minister Saad Hariri in arming and coordinating with the Syrian rebels, Saqr stated: "Hariri tasked me to only offer the Syrian people with all the necessary humanitarian, political and media support."
Commenting on Future MP's declaration, al-Akhbar daily viewed that "Saqr, wanted from his announcement to anticipate what could be uncovered from future roles of leading the armed groups that led to massacres against Syrian civilians.
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