Friday, 7 December 2012

World Tribune: Obama Opposes New Sanctions on Iran

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US President Barack ObamaThe U.S. President Barack Obama is opposing a new round of U.S. sanctions on Iran in apparent pursuit of a secret deal with the regime, the American World Tribune daily reported Tuesday.

Citing sources in the American Congress, the daily said that “the White House has warned against additional sanctions on Iran’s energy and other sectors, because sanctions were not required to change Iran’s nuclear policy.”

According to the National Security Council (NSC) spokesman, Tommy Vietor, the U.S. Administration “focuses with our partners on effectively implementing these efforts, we believe additional authorities now threaten to undercut these efforts,” he said.

The sources indicated however that “the White House opposition marked a policy to achieve what they termed a grand bargain with Iran that would maintain its nuclear program.”
They said the White House was increasing its resistance to congressional sanctions legislation as well as pressure on Democrats.

On Nov. 29, a law on national defense was adopted by a majority of 94 votes against zero to keep the pressure on Iran. Even Senator Robert Menendez noted that "any revision is out of the question, closing the door to Obama."

According to sources quoted by the Lebanese daily Assafir "Iranian officials conduct confidential discussions with their American counterparts through various channels," noting that "the escalation of the current tension between the U.S. and Iranian forces in the Gulf is directly related to these discussions! "
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