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The Third Birth (updated)

Yesterday I wrote that sectarian Hamayreh was right in advising his Egypt's brother to be carefull, because they can't take people's support for granted
When Israeli foreign minister invited Mohamad Mursi Mubarak to visit Jerusalem, Hamayrehknowing the lust of His brothers for power, that they would do anything to govern, warned his leadership
Tel Aviv wants Egypt's Morsi to visit Israel
The visit would have disastrous moral ramifications for many years to come, so much so that Mursi and the Muslim Brothers would have a hard time looking any Egyptian, Arab or Muslim in the Eye as a result of the monumental shame and embarrassment the Islamist camp would suffer. Indeed, the catastrophic legacy that such a visit would bequeath would keep the Islamists busy for half a century to fix the damage.
I wondered what Hamayreh would say about the Leader of Largest Arab country coveying his wish for happiness to the child-killer, and "HIS" country», the Jewish State. But Hamayreh swallowed his tongue on Mursi's famous letter to his great friend Peres.
During the last two weeks I used to check PIC, to read Hamyreh's comment on the ongoing events in Egypt, but I found nothing on that. I found a piece of shit polishing Hamas, the new PL(iquidation)O, and and its comming leader, the "living martyre" and his third birth.
In 1997, Israel tried to murder Khaled Mashaal. However, the souls of men are in the hand of God, and the Almighty willed that Mashaal would still be living and able to anoint his face and eyes with the dust of the homeland. 
Mashaal said, he was born three times, the natural birth in1956, the second when he narrowly escaped the Mossad's murder attempt on his life in Amman, and the third, yesterday, when he set foot on the soil of Palestine.

Hamayreh hailed the return of Mishaal without an Israeli consent, and Ignored the israeli veto on Shallah's return

Palestine Solidarity Conference -Tehran Feb 2010

Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine declared: Egypt has conveyted to the Movement that ‘Israel’ considers the intended visit of Ramadan Abdulla Shallah to Gaza a breach of the cease-fire in Gaza, and threaned to cancel the ceasefire agreement brokered by Egypt. 

In the light of the Egyptian decision to facilitate the entry of Mishaal to Gaza and prevent the entry of Shallah many, including myself wondered: Why Israel did not consider Meshaal’s visit a breach of cease fire?

To get out the corner today senior Hamas leader Izzat al-Rishiq claimed Israel threatened to cancel the ceasefire agreement brokered by Egypt if Hamas if Hamas’ chief in exile and his delegation visited the Gaza Strip for the movement's anniversary. 

In an interview with the Hamas-affiliated al-Aqsa TV Saturday, al-Rishiq claimed,
“We received real threats that occupation could cancel the ceasefire agreement or do anything.”

He highlighted that Meshaal decided to visit the Gaza Strip even at personal risk.

Based on the foregoing I ask why Egypt facilitated the entry Mishaal to Gaza and prevented Shallah from entering?

Egypt, the new capital of "Arab resistance" seems to be more concerned about the life of Shallah more than the life of Mishaal. Otherwise, the hidden message in Izzat al-Rishiq's claim is : Shallah refused to visit the Gaza Strip at personal risk.

LONG LIVE Mishaal, the new "SALADIN"

I guess, Mursi denied Ramadan's right to visit Gaza, because he was sure Israel would not miss a golden opportuninty to hunt him, and if killing Jaabari spoiled the truce Mursi was cooking before the 8 days war, killing Ramadan would lead to either  to a strong response from the Islamic Jihad and thus a new war with Israel, and if Hamas intervened to prevent the Jihad response the dispute may lead to a Palestinian civil war. In both cases the war would rock the Muslim Brotherhood sailing among waves of protests in Egypt and Tunis.
Today, Mofaz, the war criminal, said the Zionist entity missed a great opportunity to hunt Mishaal. Why Israel would miss such an opportunity?
Mishaal said that by entering Gaza he was born for the third time. The second birth was the failed assassin attempt In early September 1997

Two months ago I wrote:
"As an ex-supporter of Hamas, I wonder if the Mossad attempt to kill Mishaal was a deception operation designed to polish and prepare him for what he did the last two years, and will do on the coming future.”   
"I shall not be surprised to know the day they tried to kill Mishaal the leader (MR. MOSSAD) was born by two midwives, NETANYAHO and KING Hussain". 
"Hussain died in1999 and Mishaal was deported from Syria on the same year. was it a coincidence or the right time to plant Mr. Mossad in Syria."  
"In 1999, upon the Zionist master the plane carrying Khaled Mishaal, the ungrateful son of Hamas, was sent back from the skies of Doha and Ankara and Cairo all rejected him when he was kicked out and expelled from Jordan and no one dared to receive him except Damascus."  
"In his speech (In Ankara), the ungrateful son of Hamas declared cutting the ties with resistance axis and swore loyalty to the Turkish leader in a clear bias to Turkish side in the grinding conflict going on in the region, and where there is no interest for the Palestinians and the Palestinian resistance to side with a member of the NATO having political, economical and military agreements with Israel. Mishaal's speech reflected Erdogan's aspiration to restore the glory of the Ottoman's Empire and his desire to lead the Muslim world".  

Today, after wittnesing tens of thousand receiving Mishaal, I rememeberd the tens of thousands who recieved Arafat two decades ago.

July 1, 1994 The third birth of Arafat. On this day "Palestine was on a special date with the leader Arafat, returning for the first time to the homeland, not as a freedom fighter, but within the framework of the Oslo Accords, signed by the Palestine Liberation Organization, and enhanced by international recognition and before the eyes of millions in the world who have followed through the screens his heroic return" after the first Intifadah

I agree today Gaza witnessed the third birth of Mishaal, born by two midwives, NETANYAHO, the old midwife and the new one, the Pharaoh Mursi. 

However, Mishaal while celebrating his third birth should be reminded that his truce with Netayaho made his visit realised, and how Israel who issued Arafat's third birth certificate, issued later his death certificate, after squeezing him dry.
The last return of Arafat

Meanwhile, Tens of thousands of protesters gather in Egypt's landmark Tahrir square against a decree by Pharouh Mohamed Morsi Mubarak granting himself broad powers that shield his decisions from judicial review.  
Tens of thousands of protesters gather in front of Pharaoh's Palace
Crowds gathering in Tahrir Square

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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