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Celebrations in Abbastan and Hamastan (Edited)

 Abdullah in Ramallah, Meshaal in Gaza today, Shallah prohibited.
Celebrations coming in on the Palestinians in these days;  Yesterday the Jordanian king visted  Ramallah to congratulate Abbas, and celebrate the so-called Palestinian Statehood, and the fall of the Jordanian option. 

In 1977 Arafat, backed by  NAYEF HAWATMI of  DPFLP shifted the Palestinian national project from One democratic state to a State on any “liberated land”. On November 15, 1988 Arafat declared  the state his “Palestine” in exile. After Madrid and killing Abu Jihada, Abu Iyad, he ended the First Intifada and signed Oslo Accord as client of thes Jewish Occupation.

Now Abbas, the Oslo engineer,  we saw Abbas standig before the UN and declaring the same state “under occupation”.

Don't be fooled with Netanyaho threats, and hear it from Zionist horse, Shimon Peres, the Great Friend of MURSI, told AFP in an exclusive interview on Thursday that Abbas is still a “serious partner” for peace despite his successful bid for UN non-state membership.

“I tried to influence him not to do it right now. I told him: look it’s not the proper time to do it,” Mr. Peres said. “But I still believe he’s a serious partner and a serious man and I have respect for (we need) him.”

لاول مرة منذ سنوات مشعل يزور غزة الجمعةToday in Gaza, Khaled Meshaal, the SON OF HAMAS will mark the anniversary of the launching of Hamas.
"Israeli papers are finally publishing stories showing that Israel assassination of the Hamas leader Jabari that began the latest attack was intentional and political. 

Jabari was actually considering a draft ceasefre agreement reached between a Hamas representative and an Israeli with the knowledge of Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak and the Israeli hierarchy. "

In his Cairo press conference, Mishaal, blaimed Israel for killing Jaabari, They would kill Khalid Mishaal too" he said.


Like after Arafat's Oslo I, today after Mishaal's Oslo II, the new "Father Palestine" and may be with Erdugan, the conquereor, as a Hero, will enter Hamastan, with an Israeli Visa signed by Mursi, the Israeli Honorary Consul in Cairo and the TUNNELS DESTROYER. 

Therefore, "Brave" Mishaal is comming to Gaza, toghter with his wife and about 15 family members.

Mursi, the New Pharaoh of Egypt, for the safety of Ramadan Abdullah Shallah  prevented Shallah from entering Gaza because Israel would kill him and would end the truce in case he dares to enter Gaza. 

So, like Erdogan, Shallah's visit is postponed until further notice.

But Hamas claimed that the movemant did not know anything about Egyptian warning, and explained that visiting Gaza "is the right of every Palestinian", that Shallah and his deputy intended visit to Gaza visit was postponed for several different reasons.

Hamas, like its mother, is lying, despite who stands behind denying Ramadan's right to visit Gaza to celebrate his movement's victory, banning Jihad serves higjacking the Victory, and crowning Mishaal as the second "Father Palestine"

BTW, Nayef Hawatimi, can't miss the event of celebration of his Bastard (Statehood). 


Mishaal,  will hail the victory of Hamas, and the so-called 'Arab Spring' in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria, and off course, will confirm Hamas commitment to resistance until the last inch of historical Palestine is liberated.

His claim shall not fool Palestinians, and change the facts on ground. Hamas put Gaza in conflict game between the axis of the "Arab Spring" and the axis of resistance. 

Despite talk about the so-called Palestinian reconciliation, Abdulla's visit to "Abbastan" and Mishaal's Visit to 'Hamastan", have re-drawn the Palestinian division. Despite the Meshaal's escalatory comments against Israel, the Hamas/Fatah split is no longer between surrendering  Fatah and resisting Hamas.

Hamas, after joining Brothers of America in Egypt, Qatar and Turkey, has burned its ships with resistance camp.


As I expected, Meshaal In a brief news conference said he said: Today is my third birth day  and I hope to die as a martyr on the land of Gaza, Today Gaza, Tomorow Ramallah (Next PA President), aftertommorow (After Motherhood conquest) Jerusalem.

Hamas claimed that Mishaal's visit have broken the Siege, and denied seeking guarantees that Mishaal would not be targeted in Gaza and senior official Salah al-Bardawil said the group's security forces would protect him.

In fact he entered Gaza with an israeli visa, and Mursi obtained guarantees from his great friend, Pres, otherwise, why Israel considers Ramadan Shallah entry a violation of cease fire?

The answer is clear: Mishaal is a Mossad asset.


The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine declared officially that Israel prevented the head of the Movement Ramadan Abdullah Shallah and his deputy Ziad bran to return to the Gaza Strip, accompanied by Khaled Mishaal. Said an official spokesman Movement "has informed us sister Egypt Israeli position rejecting the entry Brother Secretary General, Dr. Ramadan Shallah and his deputy brother Ziad al-Nakhallah, to the Gaza Strip, to participate in the Hamas festival…”

Jihad’s spokesman said " Cairo conveyed to them the Israel's threat to cancel the truce if the Secretary-General and his deputy enter Gaza”, pointing out that Egypt has dealt with these threats very seriously, and so Cairo seemed not willing to facilitate and coordinate the travel of the Brother Secretary-General and his deputy to Gaza" .

For his part, said an Israeli army spokesman said "it would break the cease-fire agreement if Shallah enters Gaza!!

Meanwhile, Mishaal and his deputy, Moses Abu Marzouk arrived to the Gaza Strip through Rafah crossing on the Palestinian-Egyptian border, while Israeli reconnaissance planes were drones "provided air protection" for his motorcade!!

Allowing  Meshaal to enter without Ramadan Shallah, and the involvement of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood cheap brokering cheap, opens a new spinning page between Hamas, and, the United States and Israel, after Mishaal burned his ships with Syria and Joined the American Wahhabi, Brotherhood axis, and reveals why martyr Ahmed Jaabari was assassinated

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