Sunday, 18 November 2012

Crucial Update: Netanyahu Says No to Ground Operation

By Gilad Atzmon

Ynet reported a few hours ago that Netanyahu gave private assurances to US President Obama that Israel is not planning a ground operation in Gaza yet.

"According to two American officials who were briefed on the phone conversation between Netanyahu and Obama, the PM said Israel  would not consider a full-scale ground invasion of Gaza unless there was escalation from Hamas or an attack that caused significant casualties.

The verdict is clear, PM Netanyahu tries to avoid his predecessors’ mistakes. But can he? The Israelis want to see blood, they are desperate for a victory, they want to see Gaza and the Hamas wiped out.

Interestingly enough, Israel and Netanyahu’s paralysis is the natural and inevitable outcome of the Jewish collective obsession with power. They can kill, they can destroy, they can deliver misery to the entire region but for some reason they never prevail.   

By the time they win the battle they are shocked to find out that they’ve lost the war.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, Jewish political interest and Israeli collective psychosis..  or


Comment By Alex

I agree with Gilad, for some reason they never prevail, and would add that reason was the Arab resistance, yes the ARAB RESISTANCE that started three decades before the so-called "Independence". According to Alan Hart, in 1948, they assumed that with the massacres, and expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians, they may close the “Palestinian file” as called by British Alan Hart, the Linkman of Perez with Father Palestine (Arafat), according to Alan opened the file in 1965.  


In fact the Palestinian file was never closed, it was the core of the Arab Nationalists Movement, and Arafat 's real mission, especially, after closing the Arab nationalisn file (between 1961-1967 and piosoning Nasser), was closing the Palestinian file for ever. Read my comments, here, and here

“The old will die and the young will forget” those are the words of Ben Gurion regarding the victims of Israel's first ethnic cleansing campaign.

 Sixty-four years later, some wondered what made him think so.

Sixty-four years later, some still wonder why despite the numerous United Nations resolutions and world condemnations, Israel’s impunity still prevails, and why the young never forget, never lost the hope and the determination that one day return they will return and prevail. To kill the the old and the young the Zionists invaided Lebanon committed Sabra and Satila massacre Palestinian to kill their hope and determination.  

On the other hand, George Galloway wonders how and why the Arab Armies are fighting to protect the Sykes–Picot Agreement’s borders 

As an uprooted Palestinian who lived in Bent Jbeil between 1948 and 1955, I know why, out of sudden, the Lebanese army deport me and all Palestinians from the Lebanese border zone, to north of Litani river, why Palestinians till now need a security pass to reach the border zone, except on occasions.  

In calling Arafat the Father Palestine, Alan Hart ignored, George Habash, the real Father of Arab resistance and unity, and Nasser, the Arab nationalist hero.


History has taught us, that the Sykes–Picot regimes and their league, only convene to maintain Sykes–Picot borders and the Zionist entity.   

Yes as Gilad pointed “The Israelis want to see blood, they are desperate for a victory, and they want to see Gaza and the Palestinian wiped out.”

However, two decades ago, Rabin hoped that the sea swallows Gaza and its people. But once again the besieged strip proves to be the graveyard of "Israeli" soldiers and hopes.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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