Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fmr.DIA Director: "Israel's arrogance & the American traitor, Pollard"

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An American traitor
"So, Israel wants to negotiate with us over Pollard and settlements. This is a remarkable display of childish presumption.
To review:
- The Israeli government recruited this American traitor.
- They set up an office in Washington just to handle the flow of stolen documents that he brought them. they photo copied the documents there and he then returned them to the US Government's files.
- A second source (or sources) in the US Government provided that office with the titles and serial numbers of long lists of classified documents for Pollard to steal.
- Many of those documents had nothing to do with the Middle East. They were about the USSR, China and the Warsaw Pact. Why did they want these? For "trading material" with the subject countries.
One of my regular correspondents has written to say that if the Israelis want Pollard so much we can give them his body for burial."
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