Friday, 24 September 2010

Interior ministry in Gaza unveils crimes of spies in the Strip

[ 24/09/2010 - 11:35 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Palestinian interior ministry in the Gaza Strip has disclosed Thursday information on a number of heinous crimes committed by collaborators working for the Israeli occupation against Palestinians.

Ehab Al-Ghusain, the spokesman of the ministry, held a press conference in Gaza city where he emphasized on the limited number of collaborators who accepted to work for the enemy, without disregarding the seriousness of the crimes they committed.

"Although spying for the Israeli occupation is limited in the Palestinian arena but it constitutes a real threat to the security of the Palestinian people, their unity and resistence," stressed Ghusain during the conference.

He said that based on the information collected by the concerned departments in the ministry, the spies played significant role in assisting the Israeli occupation during the war on Gaza in December 2008, adding that although the information provided by the spies was not accurate, the Zionist enemy used in bombing homes of Palestinian citizens and killing scores of innocent women and children.

Moreover, Ghusain explained although the ministry carried out court rules to execute two of the collaborators, it dealt with the issue of the spies rationally and succeeded in convincing many of them to return back to the Palestinian mainstream after investigating them in full confidentiality.

Furthermore, Ghusain pointed out that the program of the government in opening the gate of repentance for all spies was fruitful, highlighting that the ministry obtained serious and crucial information from the spies on the collaborators who were behind the assassination of many political and military leaders of the Palestinian resistance in the Strip.

He also explained that a number of Israeli spies have joined resistance groups operating in the Strip with the aim to destroy them from inside and to plant divisiveness in the Palestinian arena, but he hailed the cooperation of the Palestinian resistance factions in exposing and cleaning their ranks of those "traitors".

In addition, Ghusian stressed that no medical staff has been detained in the ministry except one guy, urging media outlets to get the information about the matter directly from the concerned agencies and not to be deceived by rumors uttered here and there.

He stressed that the spies bring shame only to themselves and not their families or the organization they are affiliated to.

Addressing families of the spies he said: "We know how bad you feel about the actions of those spies, be rest assured that your position and prestige in the community won't be affected as your honor is our honor, and your national concern is our national concern, and we all are aware of the great sacrifices you have offered for Palestine".

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, the spokesman of Hamas welcomed the press conference, and stressed the great achievements of the interior ministry, adding that what the ministry had achieved in this field constituted big blow to the Israeli intelligence departments, and considered as a victory for the Palestinians against the Zionist occupation in terms of brains' war.

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