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From ‘Blood Libel’ to ‘Organ Harvesting’

From ‘Blood Libel’ to ‘Organ Harvesting’

The old Christian-world’s claim that Jews were in the habit of abducting Christian children to perform their religious rituals by using their blood – has always been controversial. Most Jews call the allegation as much a ‘Jew-hating” libel as the Christians call the Holocaust ‘a Christian-hating’. However, under the western “freedom of expression” – When Jews produce anti- Christian movies like The Lost Tomb of Jesus, claiming that Jesus was never resurrected and that he had a sex partner and a child (sic) and the Da Vinci Code OR the anti-Islam Danish Cartoons and recent threats to burn copies of Holy Qur’an – are all okey but telling something which doesn’t follow the Jewish narration of world history – is ‘anti-Semitism’ and not kosher.

In 2007, when Italian-Israeli Jew historian Professor Ariel Toaff in his book ‘Bloody Passovers’, agreed with Christians’ allegation of the ‘Blood Libel’ – he was hunted down by the Zionist mafia, so much so, that several Israeli lawmakers called for his arrest. The poor chap got so frightened that he recalled his book and apologized to fellow Jews for believing in the truth.

The secret of Israeli organ havesting came into open last year when Sweden’s top newspaper Aftonbladet leaked the story which had been kept under the carpet by the Jewish-controlled western mainstream media. The Palestinians have been saying for decades that the Jewish soldiers, some times, have killed Palestinian youth to collect their body-parts for money. (watch RT video below).

In August 2010 Ukrainian police busted an Israeli-run organ trafficking network illegally recruiting organ donors to send their body parts to Israel. Last year, Ukrainian professor Vyacheslav Gudin, had claimed Israel had brought around 25,000 Ukrainian children into the country over the past two years in order to harvest their organs.

The Israeli organ snatchers have been found in action from Chad to Haiti and United States. On April 7, 2010 – CBS reported that six Israeli Jews including a retired Israel Army General Meir Zamir were arrested for organ traffickering, offering as much as US$100,000 to the organ donors.
Some Chriatians claim that Natalee Holloway who was murdered by Joran Van der Sloot in 2005, was part of Jewish ritual.

In 2009, the FBI smashed an American-run organ trafficking ring in New Jersey that included several Rabbis. 44 people were arrested in the sting operation. The high profile New Jersey bust included several mayors and two assemblymen: Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano III, Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, state Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith and state Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt.

Donald Bostrom wrote: “Half of the kidneys transplanted to Israelis since the beginning of the 2000s have been bought illegally from Turkey, Eastern Europe or Latin America. Israeli health authorities have full knowledge of this business but do nothing to stop it. At a conference in 2003 it was shown that Israel is the only western country with a medical profession that doesn’t condemn the illegal organ trade. The country takes no legal measures against doctors participating in the illegal business – on the contrary, chief medical officers of Israel’s big hospitals are involved in most of the illegal transplants, according to Dagens Nyheter (December 5, 2003)”.

South African daily The Times reported on Wednesday that South Africa’s largest healthcare firm, Netcare, has been charged with cooperating with an Israeli-linked organ trafficking syndicate.

Alison Weir in article titled The New “Blood Libel”? has collected many more cases on Israeli organ trafficking.

All this raises question among many people – or these Jewish actions motivated by their religious teachings (Talmud) or a Jewish ‘venegeance (OT)’ against their centuries-old persecution by the Church or simply the greed of the people who happens to be born as Jews? My personal view is that these actions have nothing to do with the true teachings of the biblical prophets. What do you think?

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