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Egypt Detrains Top Hamas Security Official at Cairo Airport and Concerned: Hezbollah Challenging State in Lebanon!

20/09/2010 Egyptian Foreign Affairs ministry spokesperson Hussam Zaki raised concerns on Monday over "the recent developments in Lebanon," warning against embroiling Cairo in the “trivial conflicts” among Lebanese political forces.

“Concerns are not linked to the fact that some Lebanese expressly rely on weapons that are ruled neither by the Executive Power nor by the Judicial Power, but also include the entire situation prevailing in Lebanon since the last few weeks,” Zaki said in a statement, accusing Hezbollah of “relying on the power of weapons that are beyond the control of the Lebanese state.”

“Egypt is concerned as promises were not honored but rather replaced by instigation and promotion of discord and challenge of the State, based on the power of none State-ruled weapons, as recently seen,” he added.

“Egypt, who has been subject to similar developments where some individuals were paid to attack it, sought to be completely above such silly matters and thwarted those individuals from maintaining their violations because it knows that they in fact are going through a crisis they seek to overcome through attacking the authority,” Zaki added. “Egypt is monitoring their statements and actions until their weak positions become clear to all.”

Yet, Zaki stated that the general impression in the region was that the situation in Lebanon was heading towards calm and focusing on internal priorities.

Egypt Detrains Top Hamas Security Official at Cairo Airport

19/09/2010 Egypt detained a top Hamas security official at the Cairo International Airport, an Egyptian security source said Sunday.

The official was identified as the Hamas government's General Security Service Commander Muhammad Dabaeesh, also known as Abu Radwan.

According to the Egyptian source, he said the detention was made in connection to a thwarted attempt to smuggle millions of dollars worth of wireless devices into Gaza through the border-tunnel complex.

Hamas officials warned that the detention would spark "degradation and tension" in Egypt-Hamas relations, already strained for several months.

(Ma'an News Agency)

[ 20/09/2010 - 07:04 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)-- A public security leader in Gaza Mohammed Khamis Debabeche is still in questioning in Cairo after he was arrested a few days back on charges of involvement in several operations affecting Egyptian security, a security official in Egypt said.

The Ahram newspaper in Egypt quoted Monday the security official as saying: “Debabeche was arrested last weekend following his arrival from the Syrian capital of Damascus for questioning after reports of his involvement in a failed attempt to smuggle advanced radio equipment into Gaza and cover up the killing of Egyptian soldier Ahmed Sha’ban last January.”

But media and political sources in Egypt uncovered contacts between Hamas and several Egyptian officials confirming that his arrest was in no way linked to Egyptian national security.

Debabache set out to perform the Muslim ritual of Umrah during the holy month of Ramadan, the sources confirmed, adding that he is an ordinary citizen of Palestine, who had no connection with Egyptian security, but it was likely that Debabeche’s arrest was based on information Egyptian security received from intelligence aimed at acquiring sensitive information Israel failed to obtain for several years about Gilad Shalit and Hamas weapons.

“There is no doubt that Debabeche’s arrest, which was coordinated by intelligence in Egypt, Palestine, the U.S., and Israel, is considered a valuable catch, in addition to the Qassam Brigades leader Ayman Nofal, who has been detained in Egypt jails for three years,” the sources explained.


Hasbara Agents "Egypt, like any other country in the world, has the right to approve or deny the entry of anyone to their land. However, it allowed anyone to arrive into Cairo and welcomed them like any other visitors. At the same time, in situation like borders with Palestine and Israel, no one can blame Egypt for being extra careful in accepting or denying who will travel into Sinai and who will not."

"without any international guarantees that Palestine (Dahlan) is going to be autonomous in controlling its own borders for the good of the people in Palestine and not to serve factions whose agendas are not acceptable to any patriot."

"Only apologizing to Egypt in a public press conference can make one forgive these fatal mistakes which made Egypt sound as THE enemy deflecting our sight from the real enemy and the real reason behind all this atrocities that Gazans and Palestinians live in, ISRAEL."

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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