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Turkey : beware of Israeli snake

Turkey : beware of Israeli snake

[ 22/09/2010 - 11:20 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied East Jerusalem

It is crystal clear that Israel, the arrogant, fanatical and belligerent Jewish state is trying hard to undermine Turkey. Israel feels that its hegemony in the Middle East is being challenged by Turkish efforts to reassert the country's national interests by enhancing relations with Islamic neighbors and also by courageously opposing Israeli ethnic cleansing and other manifestly criminal policies against the Palestinians.

In recent days and weeks, Israel has been quite furious about the recent referendum in Turkey which granted the government additional powers to assert real democracy and prevent the recurrence of military coups.

The Turkish republic had witnessed three military coups against democratically-elected governments the last of which took place nearly 30 years ago, when the military introduced draconian constitutional amendments making the anti-Islam military establishment effectively above the people's will.

In the mid 1990s, the Turkish military forced the popular Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan to resign amid suspicions that the conservative premier was trying to re-Islamize Turkey .

The Israeli media has been quite vociferous about "losing Turkey" as if that country of 75 million people were supposed to be a banana republic subservient to Israel. Moreover, Israeli commentators, affiliated with fanatical Zionist circles, have urged the Israeli government to envisage ways and means to "overcome" the "growing Turkish threat"!!!

Israel, a predator state based on religio-ethnic racism, wouldn't settle for having normal, dignified relations with Turkey, e.g. relations based on parity and mutual respect. Israel always seeks dominance. Needless to say, the rationale for this psychotic way of thinking originates in the so-called "chosen people's complex."

Thus, Israel strongly believes that any state wishing to have friendly relations with the Jewish state must succumb to Jewish supremacy and support Israel's criminal policies toward helpless Palestinians struggling despite all odds to preserve their national existence in the face of the unrelenting Zionist onslaught.

Fortunately, Turkey under the premiership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is refusing to give in to Zionist hegemony and insolence which manifested itself first in the Nazi-like blitz against the Gaza Strip nearly two years ago and second in the murderous attack on an unarmed Turkish passenger ship sailing in international waters on 31 May.

Indeed, instead of apologizing to Turkey for the murderous piracy in which 9 Turkish citizens were murdered by Israeli soldiers, the Israeli propaganda machine resorted to sheer lies in a desperate effort to evade the truth.

But the people of Turkey and their government are neither gullible nor ignorant, and wouldn't buy more lies from Israel.

President Abdullah Gul was correct when he remarked that the provocative deadly assault on Mavi Marmara could have been a casus belli for war had it taken place in the past. Moreover, his refusal to meet with Israeli President Shimon Peres in New York earlier this week was a courageous step that is highly consistent with Turkish pride and national dignity.

In the final analysis, how could the President of Turkey shake hands with the President of a state on whose hands the spilt innocent blood of Turkish citizens has yet to dry.

Besides, this certified war criminal, Peres, deserves no courtesy. He not only failed to apologize for the innocent Turks , murdered so arrogantly and so nonchalantly by Israel, as any normal state facing a similar situation would, but also had the audacity to tell the Turks to lick their wounds and return to "business as usual" with Israel!

We, who live in this part of the world, know Peres too well. He is the hero of the Qana massacre in 1996, when he, as Prime Minister following the assassination of Isaac Rabin at the hands of a Jewish extremist, ordered the Israeli army to bomb Lebanese refugees who had sought refuge at the UN peace keepers' headquarter at the village of Qana in southern Lebanon. The bombing transformed the premises into a huge slaughterhouse as more than a hundred men, women and children were massacred and many others maimed and mutilated.

Despite the passage of more than 14 years since the heinous crime took place, the irredeemable liar has not had the moral courage to say "I am sorry." This is the very man who doesn’t stop lecturing the world about the virtues of peace and vices of extremism. His limitless hypocrisy and sanctimony may pass undetected by many in Europe and North America. However, a growing number of Muslims and non-Muslims alike, including Turks, are not willing to betray their senses and give the evil criminal liar and the state he represents the benefit of the doubt, that is if there is ever a doubt about his and Israel 's evil character.

Now, with Turkey refusing to be tricked and bamboozled by Israeli bulling tactics, the Zionist regime will most likely embark on acts of subversion against Turkey aimed at undermining the popular government of Prime Minister Erdogan.

There is absolutely no doubt that the occurrence of another military coup in Turkey tops Israel's New Hebrew Year's wish list.

This is something that the Turkish government must never take lightly. Israel believes that it can count on the tentacles of the Masonic Octopus to incite against the military establishment against the AKB government.

Hence, thwarting Israeli efforts to transform Turkey into a satellite state orbiting Israel must be a top priority for the Turkish government.

In short, beware of the Zionist snake.

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