Tuesday, 23 September 2014


The bankruptcy of American foreign and military policy is best illustrated by what the U.S. doesn’t think through.  I watched Leon Panetta, Scott Pelley and King Abdullah of Jordan humiliate themselves yesterday on one of 60 Minutes’ most pathetic installments in at least 4 decades.  All throughout the curiously limited coverage of the impavid Kurdish campaign to block ISIS (the Kurds are U.S. allies now and deserve all the credit) and Obama’s failures to arm the “moderate” (tee hee hee) Syrian “opposition” when he should have, there was nary a mention of the one actor who could solve all problems festering in that stewpot called “American Planning”.
With all the talk about a possible American strike in Syria against ISIS and Obama’s blustering on television about how he would not hesitate to strike that sociopathic organization no matter where it was located,  nobody ever thought of maybe mentioning the Russians.  Let’s face it, Damascus would have no fear of a Russian attack on its armed forces.  And while Vlad was taking care of business from the air while the Syrian Army anschlagged the terrorists on the ground, the U.S. and its newly-found Kurdish friends could be seen helping the Iraqi army regain its former standing by KO’ing the Caliph – and all this without any American combat troops in Iraq or Syria!  SyrPer is always at the vanguard of creative thinking when the nation’s capital is asleep or adrift on the seas of irrelevance.
With the French having declared their unwillingness to attack Syria’s virulent ISIS vermin probably due to a fear of having their Rafale jets swatted down like so many fruit flies by those pesky S-300s, and the Brits already signaling Parliament’s stuffy chastisement of their own Miles Gloriosus, the illustrious David “Wellington” Cameron, there really are few options available.  One writer had me writhing in uncontrollable laughter when he wrote that possible candidates for an aerial assault in Syria might be Saudi Arabia and the Emirates!  He even suggested Arabian boots on the ground.  (Please don’t fault me if you just started retching with laughter. I will not refund your lunch bill.)  He obviously knows nothing about the suspicious absence of trainable Saudis or Arabians for such goings-on.  (Pakistani mercenaries not included).
Unless you want to employ Lebanon’s vaunted air force, you really don’t have a lot of choices.  But, Vlad is always there to solve a problem if you just let him.  With so much talk about American violation of international law, why not have Dr. Assad invite Vlad’s fleet of brand new Sukhois and MiGs to land at the Mazza Airbase.  Russian pilots would have the unique experience of training against live targets without any Western nags barking out “foul”!…or some such protestation appropriate for Soviet-occupied Afghanistan or present-day Ukraine.  Doesn’t this sound like a plausible solution?  AND WE CAN HAVE THE SAUDIS SAVE FACE BY PAYING FOR THE FUEL AND MAINTENANCE.  As an added incentive for the Saudis, all parties can look askance during the forthcoming brouhaha if the Saudis decide to use their awesome military to invade truculent Qatar and rid the world of this pernicious bacterium.
But, this would be too simple and neat.  The U.S. would publicly endorse Russia’s involvement while secretly doing everything to sabotage it.  Oh, Obama will accuse the Russians of treating with an “illegitimate” regime.  He will accuse the Russians of exactly what everyone is accusing the Americans of doing; using ISIS to attack the Syrian Army, although, now, it will be the Muscovite subterfuge of attacking ISIS so as to finish off America’s heroes in the Nusra group!  Doesn’t this sound oh so Byzantine?   The Zionist Neo-Cons will have epidemic renal colics as they squirm on the cold tile floors of the nation’s capital exuding urine and bile, expectorating their venomous sputum.  “Can’t do it, Prez. Can’t do it!”.  Hillary will have a field day condemning cooperation with the evil Vlad and John McCain will herald in WWIII just as he mercifully bestows upon the people of Arizona his own very welcome and lonely death.
Yeah.  It really doesn’t pay to think too much.  Good ideas these days are for the birds.  I just wish the American people knew how uncreative and dull their government really is. ZAF

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