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"Anti-ISIL Coalition US’ Plan B to Return to M.E." A new Baghdad Pact

"Anti-ISIL Coalition US’ Plan B to Return to M.E."

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Iranian strategic expert Dr. Mohammad Sadeq al-Husseini warned against the anti-ISIL US-led coalition, stressing that such move is a “plan B” by the United States to return to the region “from another gate”.

Iranian strategic expert Mohammad Sadeq al-Husseini
During a visit to al-Manar Website on Wednesday, the Iranian analyst and writer said that Washington has been suffering several setbacks in the region.

He noted that the US has been mulling alternative plans in order to hide its loss and the latest maneuver in this context is the international coalition against ISIL.

“President Barack Obama suffered three setbacks,” al-Husseini said, adding: “The first setback was when he couldn’t strike Syria in September last year,” (following alleged reports on using chemical weapons by Damascus in August 2013).

“The second setback was the Israeli offensive on Gaza,” he said, stressing that the axis of resistance triumphed in this war.

He further said that the third setback the US has suffered was near Baghdad when ISIL militants couldn’t manage to enter the Iraqi capital.

Al-Husseini pointed out that the international coalition is a threat to the axis of resistance, as it doesn’t serve its interests.

“The coalition is aimed at clipping the nails of this monster, and replacing it with another,” the Iranian expert told al-Manar Website staff during his visit, referring to ISIL.

Al-Husseini stressed that ISIL was “made by USA,” noting that Washington wants now to strike this group. In this context, he didn’t rule out a US raid that targets the head of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, “exactly like the raid which targeted the former al-Qaeda’s Emir in Iraq, Abu Mossab az-Zarqawi.

“The anti-ISIL international coalition is plan B to return to the Middle East from another gate,” he said, adding that by this move Washington appears as a hero who seeks to save the civilians from terrorism.

Meanwhile, the Iranian analyst warned against the strikes against ISIL in Syria, saying that the US seeks to utilize from such move in order to achieve what the foreign-backed armed opposition couldn’t do.

“Obama is striking Syria and his eye is on the presidential palace in Damacus.”

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