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‘Adraa Town:  The sand in the hour glass is down to its last particles of sand.  The Jabhat Al-Islam is hunkered down and waiting for the SAA to push forward.  The SAA has now completed surrounding the entire area after negotiations to extract the rodents inside failed.  All this, after the rats also figured out there was no escape northwards toward the highway cloverleafs.  They are out of gas and ammunition.  The SAA is waiting for orders.  I want to warn readers that there is much bitterness here.  It was in ‘Adraa that Alawi and Christian employees of the government were shoved in bakery ovens alive.  There are many Christians in the division surrounding this town and their memories are long.  They are already stoking up the ovens for the new hideous pastries.

Jawbar: The SAA has announced more city blocks cleared as it makes its way deeper into the areas infested by Obama’s Jihadist rodents.   More tunnels are being uncovered containing evidence of Saudi/American complicity in war crimes.

Al-Bihaariyya/Al-Qaasimiyya to the West of the railroad tracks.  The Syrian army has taken full control over this formerly contested area.  All 39 rodents were killed.  All were non-Syrian indicating that the domestic element is becoming rarer and rarer as more citizens abandon the cause of the Devil and rejoin the human race.  This occurred yesterday without much fanfare.

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  The SAA has advanced to the Al-Rawdha Street area in the rural section – all the way to the Al-Hindi Properties and Farms abutting Nestle Street.  The SAA destroyed a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition from Jordan.
Kifaah Al-Baarooki
Yaasser Baddoo’
Muhammad Sibaa’iy
The other 12 were determined to be foreigners.  No names.

Al-Wa’er Orchards:  An attempted infiltration from Al-Ghajar Ameen was foiled by NDF.

Kafr Naan:  Another attempted encroachment by filthy rats in the direction of Jabbooreen/Umm Sharshooh was obliterated when SAA spotted a van and bulldozer moving in a suspicious manner.  When ordered to stop and step out, the rats opened fire.  The rest  of the story was 11 dead terrorists.
Saleem Al-Hiswa
‘Abdul-‘Aleem Maydaani
Naayel Mustafaa
Kareem Nasooh
The others were foreigners.
Fighting switching to rural areas after the SAA and NDF surrounded the entire city.  People are trying to rebuild their factories, stores and facilities, especially in the Al-Shaykh Najjaar suburb.  And the fighting is moving northward to ‘Anadaan.  Any fighting inside the city is now sporadic in dilapidated areas like Sayf-Al-Dawla.
West Al-Nayrab Airbase at the ‘Azeeza Orchards:  A pickup with a rocket launcher was destroyed.  All 4 rodents were killed.   They had, apparently, planned to bombard the Aleppo International Airport.

Fighting here:  Balaat, Al-‘Uwayja, Ma’aarrat Al-Arteeq, Khaan Toomaan, Saaseen, Dheetan, Faafeen, Al-Zabadiyya, Al-Ashrafiyya, Al-Mintaar, Al-Firdaws, Al-Indhaaraat, Sayf Al-Dawla, Al-‘Aamiriyya.

Khaan Al-‘Asal:  Wael tells us over 28 rats have been counted by spotters littering the fields in this area after SAA artillery laid waste to their sewer-holes.  I have no names.  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed.  The pickup had a Turkish license plate.

Bani Zayd:  A Chevy pickup with a 23mm cannon destroyed.

Huraytaan:  A Mitsubishi truck armed with a 23mm cannon destroyed.

Al-Ataareb:  Another pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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