Friday, 26 September 2014

Syrian Army Fully Controls Key Town of Adra

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The Syrian army is in full control in the key town of Adra, in eastern Ghouta near the capital Damascus on Thursday, sources told al-Manar Website.

The sources said that the move took place following clashes between the foreign-backed insurgents and the Syrian army.

Syrian soldiers
Agence France Presse also reported the event, quoting a security source as saying: “"This morning, the army retook control of Adra, reestablishing security.”

The army had taken control on Thursday of an area in the town used to house workers, after securing the highway and the industrial zone, the security source added.

Meanwhile, Al-Manar correspondent in Syria reported that the Syrian army has targeted gathering for the foreign-backed insurgents in several areas across the country including Atman, Deraa al-Balad in Deraa countryside, Talbissah in Homs country side, and al-Bab town in Aleppo.


تغطية خاصة _ تحرير عدرا العمالية من الارهابيين _ د حسن حسن 

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