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Jews build the Pyramids, no kidding!

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Recently the London-based online daily Arabic newspaper Elaph (founded by Othman al- Omeir in 2001) has accused Israeli archeologists and historians of falsifying Egyptian history by claiming that country’s famous Pyramids were built by Jews.
Elaph quoted Dr. Amir Gamal of Egypt’s Non-Stop Robb, a watchdog group dedicated to stop theft of Egypt’s heritage artifacts by archaeologists who have been selling them to Western museums for centuries. Dr. Gamal claims that Jews have infiltrated foreign archaeological missions in an attempt to prove that Jews played a significant role during the Pyramid era.
Elaph noted that pro-Likud newspaper Jerusalem Post had illustrated its report on Gamal’s remarks with a picture of the Great Pyramid next to the Sphinx with a blue Star of Zion on it.
Interestingly, the Pyramid of the Egyptian King Djoser is the world’s oldest pyramid. It was built during the 27th century BC and is 100 years older than the more famous Great Pyramid of Giza. During that period, Jewish people did not exist. According to Israeli historian, professor Shlomo Sand, Jews were “invented” just a century ago.
Egypt is literally littered with the ruins of the ancient temples and palaces of its rulers. As much as has been found, it is estimated that only 1/3 of Egypt’s archaeological wonders have been uncovered. In 2009 a temple was uncovered while digging a sewer line, and a cache of finely preserved mummies was literally stumbled over by a cow in a pasture.
All of this wealth of archaeological treasures must of course annoy Israel. We are raised from birth with Old Testament tales of the greatness of the ancient Israelites, of the powerful kingdoms of Solomon and David and the first temple. Yet Israel, while rich in antiquities, is almost totally devoid of artifacts from this supposedly glorious time in her history. The existence of the fabled First Temple was supported with just two artifacts, a carved staff ornament in the shape of a pomegranate and the Jehoash tablet. Both of these artifacts have been exposed as frauds. We are told that once there was a magnificent temple on that hill, but it “all went away,” wrote Mike Rivero of What Really Happenedblog.
In 1967, when the Jewish army occupied East Jerusalem, it stole the Dead Sea Scroll from the Rockefeller Museum which the Zionist regime has refused to return to the Palestinian Authority as demanded by the USraeli puppet Mahmoud Abbas.
Watch below a collection of Egyptian artifacts at the British Museum, London.
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