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The Jabhat Al-Nusra, the American-Saudi created monster has almost completely pulled out of Der’ah and the Western Ghoutaa with their communications citing fears that Jordan has opened up its airfields to American bombers which are expected to help the SAAF to devastate Nusra positions in the south.  With the “Big Surprise” playing a major role in impeding the growth of Nusra’s holdings, there was no choice but to move its forces both northwards to Idlib and westwards toward safe Zionist lines in the Golan.  This decision made by Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani on September 23, 2014 in consultation with (believe it or not) American and Saudi handlers in Al-Mafraq in Jordan would be the most painful decision of his short rat life.  The fact is, the people of Der’ah no longer wish to participate in the destruction of their own country.  We can see this in the statistics coming to SyrPer.  As we wrote before, major clans of Der’ah used to produce dead rodents for the terrorists with the names, Abaazeed, Hindaawi, Qutayfaan, Masaalima and Al-Nabhaan in large numbers.  Either these clans are extinct or they have stopped supporting the rat terrorists. The latter explanation is the most likely.
There can be no question that with the withdrawal of Nusra, leaving small die-hard bigoted groups like the “Sunflowers of Allah”, the “Brigitte Bardot Brigades” and “Satan’s Sulky Savage Squadrons”, the Southern Front has become the “Front that Never Got off the Ground”.  All this thanks to the “Big Surprise” which I will soon reveal once the area is declared rat-free by the MoD and the Americans abandon their Quixotically queer efforts to violate international law in a typically American way.

‘Itmaan:  4 days ago, at the stonecutting facility, the SAA killed 4 rodents and took 10 prisoner.

Dayr Al-‘Adas Village:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was partially destroyed.  The cannon will be handed over to NDF for use in killing Wahhabist blasphemers:
Khaaled Khayru Al-Humsi
Ziyaad Na’oos
Muhammad Ashraf

Syrian soldiers scan a field fertilized by the carcasses of Saudi terrorist rodents and heretics

Khirbat Ghazaala area:  The SAA and NDF blocked an attempted terrorist attack on a military outpost which was given a heads-up by MI.  No details available.

South Basar Al-Hareer:  3 vans with weapons and ammunition were subject to heavy SAA fire.  According to Monzer, the foreign commander whose name is written below refused to surrender despite horrific odds and was “fragged” by a Syrian Nusra rodent.  All told, only 3 rodents were killed with the rest surrendering to join the “Warbling Brigades of Allah”.
Zayn Al-‘Aabideen Nassr
Khamees ‘Atshaan

Inkhil:  No details available about a convoy of vans and cars belonging to Nusra driving without a care to the sounds of Dinah Shore singing “See the USA in your Chevrolet”.  In this case the Chevy was a pickup truck loaded with ammunition.  In this case, also, the SAA was lying in wait for their arrival. Big mess.

Itmaan:  An attempted infiltration 4 days ago was repelled by SAA.  No details.

‘Itmaan/Tafass Road:  A row of motorcycles belonging to the Nusra branch of the Hell’s Angels was eradicated to the sound of “Leader of the Pack”.  Great song.  Bad ending for rodents.  23 counted dead as the buffoons took cover from SAA artillery behind their Vespas.  Maybe they’ll get better training next time.

Fighting also reported in:  Al-Manshiyya Quarter, Al-Hijja Village, Old Customs Building, Nawaa

Kaheel Town:  With the ardent help of citizens, a nest and a warehouse filled with ammunition was put to an end.  6 rats killed and some taken prisoner.  No details.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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