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Sayyed Nasrallah: Negotiate from Strong Position, No for US- Led Coalition

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Tuesday a speech in which he tackled a number of regional and internal issues.

On the issue of kidnapped Lebanese soldiers and Security forces, Sayyed Nasrallah condoled the families of Lebanese Army [LA] martyrs, who were slaughtered by the terrorist armed groups.

He further clarified that Hizbullah has avoided to take a stance on this issue
"because the kidnappers have their own mentality and calculations."
"We preferred to discuss things inside the cabinet and away from the media but I am obliged to talk now,"
His Eminence stated, and noted that
"there is a distortion campaign that is being waged over the issue of the abductees."

As he saluted the Lebanese Army and its sacrifices, courage, and steadfastness, the Resistance leader considered that "the issue of hostages held by the terrorists is a humanitarian, national and ethical cause that does not concern a single region, side or party, but rather entire Lebanon."

Moreover, he insisted that
"since the beginning, all political forces, media, and people has a duty in this national, moral, and humanitarian issue."
"We must all have a single goal i.e. to free the kidnapped soldiers," he stated.

Stop Exploiting

As Sayyed Nasrallah denounced some sides' political exploitation to this cause, he viewed that
"everyone should offer help and cooperation to resolve the case. However, unfortunately some parties have turned the case into a substance for debate, sectarian incitement and distortion of facts."
"They [some sides] have made demands that exceed the demands of the captors themselves,"
His Eminence mentioned, and slammed the fact that some sides
"instead of blaming and condemning those who attacked the LA, they accused other parties inside Lebanon."
To the families of abductees, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that Hizbullah's stance is the same whether in the cabinet or outside it.

He also stressed that this case is primarily the responsibility of the government, calling everyone "to support the government in this issue."

Regarding the families' call to negotiate the kidnappers, Sayyed Nasrallah said:
"It is normal to engage in negotiations and we had negotiated in an indirect manner over captives and the bodies of martyrs."

"Nowadays, we have martyrs and missing fighters and we have been negotiating for months, because this is the normal approach. We have never rejected the principle of negotiations,"
His Eminence added.

Negotiate Strongly

On the same level, he emphasized that
"anyone who tells you that Hizbullah has rejected the principle of negotiations would be lying for political motives."
"We have never rejected the principle of negotiations at all,"
He explained, noting that
"unfortunately, some people turned the issue of the kidnapped soldiers to a substance of debate and to score some political points."

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that
"from the very first day, we have said that negotiations should be conducted from a position of strength. No one should deal with the kidnappers from a helpless position and all cards of strength must be put on the table before going to negotiations."
"The mediators and the kidnappers must be informed of Lebanon's cards of strength," he confirmed, and noted that "in the whole world, he who wants to negotiate searches for the points of strength and sets them on the table."

Meanwhile, he stated
" if we want to return our soldiers in a good health, we must negotiate from a strong position."
"If we negotiate from a weak position, the result will be catastrophic,"
His Eminence highlighted, and stressed that
"the Lebanese government has the right to say that we won't negotiate under the pressure of killing and slaughter."

Sayyed Nasrallah lamented that "Lebanon has been suffering political humiliation for weeks due to some political practices."

"Everything said by some politicians is baseless."
His Eminence revealed that Hizbullah has informed the officials that "the negotiators should inform us of the abductors' demands so that we study them before taking the decision. Anyone saying otherwise is a liar and hypocrite."

As he called all sides to keep this national case away from overbidding and political calculations, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that "it is normal to seek the help of friends and even rivals and to listen to the demands and engage in negotiations, but bowing to the death threats is unacceptable."

"No one in the world uses a single approach to deal with such a case. Several scenarios and options must be considered instead of relying on a single approach. Lebanon can have other choices and scenarios but they should not be discussed publicly or in the media."
His Eminence also denied that he must try to defend Hizbullah, but rather to "rectify the course in order to serve this cause. Let us support the government as it discusses the demands and let us devise plans to deal with any unexpected developments."

"After the terrorist Roweis bombing, which led to the martyrdom and wound of dozens of people, we addressed all the Lebanese not to harm any displaced Syrians."

No For Counter Kidnapping

Sayyed Nasrallah urged the Lebanese to act on the same level of responsibility.
"It is unacceptable to harm any innocent person or Syrian refugee."

Refusing any call for counter-kidnapping, he added:
"Such actions are fruitless, impermissible religiously and legally, and they achieve the goals of the armed groups."

"Among the motives behind the killing of LA soldiers is to create popular responses against the refugees and to exploit them politically for the sake of incitement," His Eminence warned, and reiterated that the extremists want a sectarian strife in Lebanon and they want to bring the battle into Lebanon.

Back to the first days of Hizbullah's presence in Syria, the Resistance Leader recalled
"on the very first day we went to Quseir, I called those who want to fight to go to Syria because we don't want a war in Lebanon."

"We hope no battle will take place on the Lebanese territory," he said.

He further mentioned:
"We-in Lebanon-are before a real challenge and let's see how the government and political forces will act."

Against ISIL, US

Moving to the international coalition to fight the "ISIL", Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated Hizbullah's opposition to this terrorist group.
"Everyone knows that Hizbullah is against the ISIL. We are against those Takfiri movements and we are fighting them. Our stance on these groups is firm and the need to fight them is clear."
However, he viewed that "the issue of the US military intervention is another stuff," calling to tackle it from many angles.

On Hizbullah's position from the US-led coalition, Sayyed Nasrallah declared:
"We are against the US's military intervention and against the international coalition, whether the target is the regime or the ISIL."

"Our principled stance does not change from one arena to another and we don't accept that Lebanon become a member of this coalition."

His Eminence explained that Hizbullah is against this coalition because America is the mother and source of terrorism and because it is the ultimate supporter of Zionist entity's terrorism.

"The US played a role in creating the Takfiri movements and it is not in an ethical position that qualifies it for leading a war against terrorism. The side that struck Japan with nuclear bombs, committed atrocities in the Vietnam war and stood against Gaza in the 50-day war is not ethically eligible to present itself as a fighter of terrorism."

According to Hizbullah Secretary General: "Based on Obama's statements, this coalition, is aimed at defending the US interests and this is not our business. All peoples in the region have the right to question America's motives."

On this level, Sayyed Nasrallah went back to the first days of July 2006 war:
"They asked us to deliver our resistance arms and to accept the existence of multinational forces in the south of the border, in the airport and on the Lebanese territories."

" We rejected and toppled this scheme by the blood of our martyrs."

He further added: "The US intends to impose military bases and political choices."

"It is not in Lebanon's interest to be in the US-led international coalition, not in line with the dissociation policy but because that poses threats to Lebanon. Lebanon does not need to be part of this coalition."

To Takfiris: No One Can Reach Beirut

In parallel, His Eminence assured that the Lebanese are able "to cope to confront any terrorist threat."
" All Lebanese regions must be protected in face of any terrorism threat. All Lebanese officials must be one hand to prevent the expansion of terrorism to any of Lebanese region."
He also confirmed that
"Lebanon can fight terror and it has succeeded in doing so through the army, security forces and perseverance."
"The terrorists will not be able to reach Lebanon's regions or Beirut and we can protect all areas from terrorism," the Resistance Leader vowed.

To those who claim that they seek to help Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah said:
"You can help Lebanon through three points : cutting off the financing of terrorism; halting the training, arming and dispatch of fighters to Lebanon; speeding up support to the LA; and helping Lebanon resolve the refugee crisis."

On the Yemeni peace accord, Hizbullah Secretary General hailed the historic movement:
"We hail the agreement and it is a historic opportunity to pull Yemen out of its complicated problems. It also eliminates those who were behind the domestic problems. "
He also praised the Bahraini people's movement as well as Gaza's recent victory on the Zionist entity.

Source: Al Ahed news

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