Friday, 10 February 2012

The Dershbag comes to Geneva

by Paul Eisen

To be slimed by Alan Dershowitz, aka the Giftzwerg of Harvard, is an honor currently bestowed on Gilad Atzmon. The canards* generated by this infamous Dershbag have been used against Jimmy Carter, Norman Finkelstein, John Mersheimer, and many others who have spoken truth about Zionism.
Deir Yassin Remembered is proud to host Gilad Atzmon and Rich Siegel for its annual fundraiser for scholarships for secondary study in Palestine. “An Evening with Gilad Atzmon” will take place on March 13th at The Cracker Factory in Geneva, New York.

Dershowitz is an advocate of waterboarding, which he does not regard as torture in the case of a ticking bomb. Since Gilad is indeed a ticking bomb, we have invited the Dersh to waterboard him in front of a live audience. But he is just as welcome to stay outside and pass out his poisonous opinions.

* a false or baseless, usually derogatory story, report, or rumor.

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