Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nice work all around
Some good news for a change.

Is there a precedent for China and Russia acting together to do the right thing in the face of the Jews and their rotten Western Jewslaves? Tectonic shifts of power, with the good guys representing 99% of the world. Hillary and Susan Rice stumbled around like rented mules being beaten to death by Jewish Billionaires. The fang ache in certain circles is palpable.

Somewhat sane and shockingly unbloodthirsty summing up by 'Langley'. Perhaps the civilian carpet bombing, boots on the ground to finish the job (as mass murder of civilians never seems to work all that well), Salafist rule, bloody sodomizing of the leader, and horrific civil war scenario - all in the name of protecting civilians - is starting to lose its appeal. Of course it was the precedent of the American slaughter in Libya based on the misuse of a UN resolution founded on lies that gave Russia and China the backbone to do the right thing on Syria.

"Meeting Ahmadinejad, Trashing ‘Hollywoodism,’ And Eating Kabob" The Iranians are hip to the fact that the massive problem facing the world today is 'Hollywood', aka Jewish Billionaires. Of course, when the Great Reckoning comes, we mustn't forget the Wall Street Jewish Billionaires.

Some nice work by Anonymous.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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