Saturday, 11 February 2012

Only one of those three animals, is an Elephant

Only one of those three animals, is an Elephant
although ,
they all are huge, brown and fat with a thick-skin,
all living in the same place.....eating the same food.

I must thank Russia and China for their honest stand against
the UN-boycott+sanctions on Syria.
Although Russia and China have a long history of a non-democracy ,
they at least, can recognise it, if or when it would come, anywhere.
(Add to that, the significant-fact that, those are the only 2 countries ,on this planet ,
who cannot be scared by the USA nor by the NATO )
Obviously and logically those two huge powers do recognisea genuine democracy ,
simply because they have opposed it , or otherwise delayed it, for long decades.
It is like an elephant-hunter who can exactly identify and recognise an elephant
from a rhinoceros or from a hippopotamus....

What is today imposed , from outside on Syria , is anything else but a Democracy
it is not even a step towards a Democracy.....

If you ask me , I say ,
it is simply an orchestrated destabilisation
leading to the weakening of the last anti-Israel-fortress......

Whether Syria would have been pro-Iran or not,
is not as much relevant as the fact that Syria would never accept an Israel.......

Therefore it is now bombarded with
Democracy + reforms + regime-change + opposition + Arab-Springism
+ religious fanaticism + Middle Age theocratic movements + Wahhabism
+ paid-army-deserters + paid-Qaeeda + paid-dissidents + paid-Media-make-up
+ Media-manipulations + paid-Media-exaggeration + paid-Media-over-coverage

Many already, have been ( voluntarily) fooled by this Media ,
you cannot fool China nor Russia who both defended our Third World
for the duration of the last century !!!

If this "Spring" were a wave of democracy ,
I would have been, myself, the first on the front lines,
but it is not...........not this time , and nor with those actors !!

Raja Chemayel

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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