Friday, 10 February 2012

Syria: 5 Minutes in Homs – February 6, 2012 [VIDEO]

Armed Terrorist Groups also know in the Westen World as Peaceful Protesters are killing everyday innocent Civilians and Army Members. Schools are burning everyday. This is School number 1951 that has been burned by them.

Full Translation:

man 1, All the glass is broken in this School
They shot at this school
We can’t send our kids to school, because of this issue
Thank God, we don’t have any injured here
What should i tell you
I ask all people to stay at home
Shooting are coming from all Directions
We wish the Army will control this
man 2, It is enough we are scared the whole time…
We know the Army are suffering like us…
Those Terrorist are not Muslims…
man 3, We want the Army to enterfer
we have no other solution…
we are suffering
Now more than a Kid was shot
We just want the Army to come
man 2, A Kid running the street was shot, what did he wrong to be shoot
It’s Enough
It’s the 3 time they attack these schools
girl, We want from the President to bring the Syrian Army to us and protect us…
An RPG was shoot at our school… We are afraid… We want the Army
…minutes later an armed terrorist groups were attacking again
man 4, Come on
Camera man, look there an RPG
…man 2 who was speaking before was shoot in his face
man 5, This is the 3 Rpg at this School
Is this what the Arab League wants?!
This is what Hamad (Qatari Leader) wants?!
Isn’t this Syrian Blood?!
This is their Freedom
We want the Army to come (They repeat it several times)
look at this school, this is their Freedom
man 5, Please Mr President, may your father Rest in Peace…
We need your help!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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Ending Dictatorships said...

You should be ashamed to call yourself a supporter of Palestine. I know Palestinians who love and would die for there country, but they would never buy into this bullshit Syria government propaganda... Bashar and his father have done nothing but protect Israel and kill Syrians.... Shame on you and anyone who calls his own people terrorists, Allah has a special place in hell for people like you

Go ahead and delete the comment... yel3an roo7ak ya Hafez

uprooted Palestinian said...

Thank you,
I am not a suppoter of Palestine, I am a Palestinian from Jalil in Occupied SOUTH SYRIA.

You got it, "HOMSI"