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Russian State Duma: Moscow Will Never Support a Decision Allowing Foreign Interference in Syria's Internal Affairs

Feb 10, 2012 


Members of the Russian State Duma on Wednesday firmly condemned interference by force in other countries' affairs and imposing decisions on it from abroad.
In a statement adopted by the Duma after the agreement of its four parliamentary blocs, the members expressed deep concern over the volatile situation in Syria.

The statement stressed the impossibility of Russia supporting a single document that implies or allows such interference without direct agreement by the Security Council.

The Duma called upon the United Nations, especially the Security Council, to not be biased in favor of one side in Syria over another in a similar manner to the unbalanced stance represented in the draft resolution which Russia and China vetoed as it aborts all opportunities to conduct a constructive dialogue.

The statement added that Russia and China vetoed the draft resolution submitted by Morocco in coordination with some Arab and Western countries as the draft resolution didn't fulfill its main goal of achieving stability and security in Syria, in addition to ceasing violence in it.
The statement stressed that the stance taken by the Russian representative at the UN matches the vision of the Russian leadership which calls for reaching an internal solution to the crisis in Syria through internal and productive dialogue after all sides halt violence.
The statement stressed that all the scenarios presented by some Arab and western countries totally contradicted function as they anticipate the outcome of the political process in Syria and warn one side only, in addition to considering the political regime change as essential to settle the crisis in Syria.

The statement stressed that other Security Council members intentionally are misleading the international community through accusing Russia and China of further complicating the crisis in Syria as the two countries rejected the unbalanced draft resolution on the situation in Syria.
The Duma called upon all sides in Syria to not use force and find acceptable solutions based on constructive dialogue.

Russian Foreign Ministry Condemns Aleppo Terrorist Bombings

The Russian Foreign Ministry affirmed its constant and firm condemnation of terrorism in all its forms, saying that the terrorist attacks in Aleppo cannot be justified and that those who committed them and organized them must be found and punished.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed deepest sympathies to the families of the deceased and wished the injured a swift recovery.

The statement reiterated Syria's stance which calls for quickly ceasing all violence in Syria and resolving issues through a comprehensive national dialogue between the authorities and the oppositions without preconditions, calling on Syrian opposition groups inside Syria and abroad to distance themselves from those who bring violence and terrorism to Syria.

Lavrov: UN Foundations Will Be Destabilized if Libyan Scenario is Repeated in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that repeating the Libyan scenario in Syria would undermine international stability and undermine the basis of the United Nations.

Lavrov stressed that Russia supports the Syrian people's hopes of justice and a better life, and that his country opposes violence regardless of source, yet at the same time it adheres to the basic principles of international law which lay the foundations of international relations, and that among these principles is respecting countries' sovereignty and not interfering in its internal affairs.

Bogdanov: Arab League Observers Can Verify Information about Foreign Units Operating in Syria

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Bogdanov said that the Arab League observers can verify the information that there are foreign special units operating gin Syria, particularly Qatari and British ones.

Bogdanov said that verifying such information is part of the observers' tasks and that Russia supports the observer mission, stressing that Syria is a sovereign country and that this information must be verified.

Rybakov: Responsibility for Stopping Bloodshed in Syria Lies with the Opposition

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybakov said that the responsibility for stopping bloodshed in Syria and settling the conflict peacefully through dialogue lies with the Syrian opposition and its proponents.

In a statement during his visit t Colombia, Rybakov added that Western countries which are instigating the Syrian opposition to create chaos and are supplying it with weapons are in fact involved together with the opposition in aggravating the situation.

He stressed that Russia doesn't agree with the western countries on the so-called 'humanitarian intervention', adding that the western attempts in this regards violate the international law principles.

Rybakov pointed out that he told the Colombian officials that using Veto against the western draft resolution came to ensure the appropriate circumstances for an internal Syrian dialogue without foreign intervention.

He stressed that the western draft resolution wasn't balanced, highlighting that the draft was an international attempt to dictate a regime change in a sovereign country.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said "If our foreign partners don't realize this, we will be obliged to use more effective means to help them get back to reality."

Rybakov added that the responsibility for stopping bloodshed in Syria and settling the conflict peacefully through dialogue lies with the Syrian opposition and its proponents.
He said that Russia proposed to be a mediator through calling upon all Syrian sides to meet in Moscow.

Rybakov underlined that the Syrian leadership, during the visit of Russia's Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov and Chief of the Foreign Intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov to Syria, expressed readiness for dialogue and that President Bashar al-Assad assigned his Vice-President Farouk al-Shara to head the Syrian government delegation to dialogue with the opposition.

He underscored the readiness of the Syrian leadership to hold a referendum on a new constitution very soon as one step towards elections.

He added that they are attempting to hold Russia and China the responsible for more blood-shed in Syria because of their veto of a Moroccan draft resolution on Syria at the Security Council, stressing the falsification of facts practiced by the opposition and the West in doing so.

Rybakov said these sides have to shoulder their responsibility in holding the opposition back and demand it to accept the Syrian government's proposal to hold a real national dialogue.
He said that Russia is doing its best to avoid the worst, adding that he informed Colombia, the non-permanent member at the Security Council, of the Russian leadership's stance.

He also stressed the need for non-bias in the current stage due to the dynamic changes and the emergence of new power centers in the world.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister called for clear understanding of Russia's motives so that to distance Russia from falsification.

Pushkov: West Policy Towards Syria Accompanied by Misleading Media Campaign

Chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov on Friday said that the west policy towards Syria is accompanied by a media falsification campaign.

During a debate at the Duma over a special statement on Syria, Pushkov added that the western countries are carrying out this campaign in cooperation with fundamentalist kingdoms in the Middle East region that are very far away from democracy.

He warned against the attempts to impose two new principles on the international community, adding that the principles are legitimizing the foreign intervention and turning the UN and the UN Security Council into allies to one side in internal conflicts.

Pushkov pointed out that Russia has to enhance its sources to obtain neutral information, adding that the Russian media channels have been focusing, for the last two decades, on the internal issues.

Pushkov Affirms Importance of Unanimous Statement of Duma Members Regarding Syria

After the Duma meeting passed the statement on Syria, Pushkov affirmed the importance of the unanimous stance of Duma members in issuing their statement on Syria, stressing that this shows that the political forces in the Duma agree upon the need to support Syria and upon the Russian foreign policy in general.

He said that this initiative stems from the unanimous approval of Russia's stance of defending its interests and international law, noting that the situation regarding Syria is intensifying and that it can develop similarly to the Libyan scenario, adding that there are reports currently being verified regarding the presence of foreign special units in Syria.

Pushkov said that Russia and China will not allow the Libyan scenario to be repeated in Syria, noting that many foreign forces support the Syrian opposition and arm them and at the same time present an unbalanced resolution to the Security Council.

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