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Syrian communist party: "Syria will not kneel down″ .

Contributed by Lucia (My old friend) from Spain

Secretary general of the central committee of the Syrian communist party.
Athens 9-11 December 2011 
Dear comrades:           

Arab national liberation movement locates on the first front line with the global imperialism. imperialism especially its striking force which is American imperialism has received painful strikes by the factions of Arab national liberation movement, which comes Zionist Israel aggression on Lebanon 2006, and followed by a series of popular uprising against the Arab reactionary regimes loyal to America and have distinct relations with Zionism such as Egyptian and Tunisian regimes, who the heads of their regimes have overthrown, despite the Egyptian and Tunisian people have to do more and more in order to deepen and develop their liberation and national revolution.

 Global imperialism currently launches a fierce counter –attack against the Arab national liberation movement. The most clear face of this attack in terms of expansionist and aggressive objectives is the aggression of NATO against Libya with full coordination with Arab reactionary regimes. There was an attempt to cover this aggression with worn cover of words and familiar dissembler slogans about ″spreading democracy″ and ″human rights″.

The main purpose of violating Libya and its brutal extortion lies in restoring the integrity of empire which is reeling under the strikes of defeats and successive setbacks.

As well as a perfectly programmed and escalating attack launched against Syria. This country which has clear approach against imperialism and Zionism and their expansionist plans in the region, this country who supports resistance and liberation movements, unlike all Arab reactionary regimes from ocean to Gulf. The imperialist countries as well as traitor autocratic Gulf regimes allocate very large possibilities, using the most insidious methods and the most dirty means to overthrow the anti- imperialism Syrian regime.

The Syrian communist party early warned about this danger. It has literally mentioned in the political report of the 11th conference of Syrian communist party which held in October 2010, the following:″it clear more and more that this attack on Syria which takes many faces of political pressure, military threats, economic sabotage and weaving conspiracies, aims to make radical transformations to change the national face of Syria including overthrowing the exist regime which depends on wide national alliance its main object is protecting and strengthen the national sovereignty″.

As regards to the current situation in Syria, it is worth to note the following points:- The plans of imperialism and internal reactionary to overthrow the anti- imperialism Syrian regime through wide popular uprisings which generously funded by reactionary regimes in Gulf, have failed, because of the majority of the popular masses, especially in the main centers in the country didn’t go through this context. But in the contrary, Damascus, Aleppo and many Syrian cities witnessed mass demonstrations condemning the conspiracy, and shouting against imperialism, Zionism and Arab reactionary.

- After this failure the reactionary forces moved to new methods have a criminal nature such as individual assassinations, in some cases to collective killing has sectarian nature and sabotage actions such as bombing the railway and attempts to burn factories especially which are belonging to the public sector. It is worth to mention that the individual assassinations particularly target the men of science and culture ( researchers, doctors,……etc), as well as being targeted militants who have high experience such as pilots in order to weaken the capacities of national steadfastness. The collective killing did by terrorists randomly, as a result of that victims fell like children, women and old men in order to provoke the feelings of hate and shaking any possibility of stability.

- In parallel with that increasing pressure on Syria is going on weather from the side of states and imperialist centers or from the Arab reactionary regimes related with these centers, by using the Arab states league, the target of this frenetic activity of Arab reactionary is to give pretext to take aggressive decisions against Syria by security council and other bodies of united nation under the cover of what so-called Arab legitimacy, which is completely false. In addition, Gulf regimes generously fund all forms of internal reactionary movements in Syria.

Galioun (4th from R), the Turkey-based Syrian army defector
and the leader of self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army,
Col al-Asaad (2nd from L) and other Syrian dissidents
hold a secretive meeting in the southern Turkish city of Hatay.
As well as Turkey – which is the arm of NATO in the region- plays an essential role in exercise of all kinds of pressures on Syria, starting from political pressures, through economic pressures, reaching to direct support to the armed terrorist organizations and to embrace leaders of these organizations on its land.  

The regime in Syria has taken many laws and procedures towards the expansion of democratic freedoms in the country. But all these procedures received with dogmatic rejection by the reactionary forces. These forces are seeking to overthrow the regime, this is consistent with the inserts of imperialism and Zionism. As long as Syria keeping its anti- imperialism approach, then the imperialist expansionist plans can′t fully implement in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially the new great middle east project and in other word Great Zion project.

The stand of Syrian communist party is clear and lies in the confrontation to imperialist projects and support the national regime and its anti- imperialism projects approach, supporting the democratic reforms which in general close to the program directions of our party in this area. As well as the steady struggle in order to review the economic liberal orientation and all laws embody it. We always remind, that this orientation is the one who prepared the suitable soil of subversive work of reactionary forces. The abandonment of this orientation will strengthen the anti- colonial approach which applied by Syria and will strengthen the convolution of masses around it.

 When we look to the situation in Syria we have to take into account that the opposition forces don’t form a democratic alternative, the reactionary strike force is Muslim Brotherhood organization who stained itself by committed of collective killing and who completely related with imperialism and Arab reactionary regimes, while the liberal of all types are used as curtain of these obscurant forces.

We prepare our people for all probabilities including the confrontation of military aggression. We are confident that if this aggression occur, Syria will turn into a grave yard for the aggressors. The Syrian people has an ingrained national heritage of struggle against colonialism. It isn’t vainly what one of the smarter French imperialism representatives Charles de Gaulle said:″ delusive who thinks that he could subdue Syria″, yes ″ Syria will not kneel down″ .

We take this occasion to thank all brother workers and communist parties which contribute in solidarity with the justice case of liberation national struggle of Syrian people resisting the imperialist media lies and venoms.

Dear comrades: the circumstances of the escalating confrontation between labor and capital and between liberation forces and global imperialism require to increase the bond of international communist movement factions on the basis of proletarian internationalism. It is also requires hard and serious work in order to consolidate and expand the anti-imperialism global front, this is a creative application of the great Marxist-Leninist slogan:″world workers and oppressed people unite″.

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