Saturday, 11 February 2012

Gaddafi’s Son Says Libyan People will Wipe Out Ruling Gangs

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Slain Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi’s son Saadi said Friday that “a nationwide rebellion is brewing against the country's new rulers,” vowing to return to his homeland soon.

Speaking to Al-Arabiya by telephone from neighboring Niger, Saadi said that “seventy percent of Libyans are not satisfied with the current situation," adding that “the Libyan people are being ruled by gangs."

Moreover, he pointed out that "there is a rebellion that is going on day after day, and there will be a rebellion in the entire country."

“There will come a day when the Libyan people will be capable of wiping out these gangs," Saadi Gaddafi further said in reference to the National Transitional Council. Yet, he promised that after his return “I will try to make sure that there are no reprisals or revenge operations.”

The NTC responded to this statement by renewing its call to the Niger authorities to extradite Saadi Kadhafi.

“The NTC requests to the government of Niger to immediately hand over Saadi and other fugitives to the Libyan authorities to maintain its interests and relations with the Libyan people," spokesman Mohamed Nasr Al-Harizi said in a statement.

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