Friday, 10 February 2012

Syria State TV: two explosions rock the city of Aleppo

Twenty-eight Martyrs, 235 Wounded in Twin Terrorist Bomb Blasts in Aleppo City
Feb 10, 2012

ALEPPO/DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The Ministry of Interior issued a statement on Friday, in which it said that after the escalation of instigation campaigns and foreign logistic and media support to armed terrorist groups, the city of Aleppo was the target of two terrorist bombings on Friday morning carried out by two suicide bombers in cars, martyring 28 and injuring 235 including military personnel, civilians and children, some of which are in critical conditions.
"At 9 AM on Friday morning, a terrorist bomber driving a whit microbus with a fake license plate carrying the number 475475-Syria broke through the security barrier at the entrance of a law-enforcement department in the crowded area of al-Arkoub, blowing himself up," the statement said, adding that 11 were killed in the attack and 130 were wounded, both civilians and law-enforcement personnel.
The statement said that a few minutes later, another suicide bomber driving a white microbus blew himself up while trying to break into the military security branch in New Aleppo area, claiming 17 lives and wounding 105 people including military personnel, civilians and even children who were in the park near the branch.
Both bombings caused significant damage to nearby buildings and cars, and the first explosion left a crater two meters deep, the statement added.
The Ministry's statement said that the authorities immediately arrived at the scene and collected evidence which are being analyzed to identify the terrorists and the owners of the human remains found at the site and identify the type of explosives used in this cowardly terrorist act.
Interior Ministry: Terrorist Acts Will Not Dissuade Authorities from Preserving Security and Order and Uprooting Terrorism
The Ministry affirmed that such terrorist acts will not dissuade the authorities from fulfilling their duty of preserving security and order, uprooting terrorism, and pursuing every criminal who dares to tamper with the security of the country and its citizens.
The Ministry also held the regional and international forces and countries which support terrorist groups and provide them with funds and weapons responsible for the Syrian blood which is being shed every day in several Syrian cities.
The Ministry called upon citizens to continue reporting any suspicious activities and provide any information on terrorist activities to the authorities.
Earlier, the Ministry of Health said in a statement that the death toll of the twin terrorist bomb blasts which hit Aleppo city on Friday rose to twenty-eight martyrs and 235 wounded, including soldiers, civilians and children.
The two terrorist bombings targeted Military Security Branch at the western bypass and headquarters of law-enforcement forces in al-Arkoub area in Aleppo city.
The bombings caused great damage to the two headquarters and the nearby residential buildings.
Medical teams are helping injured civilians and military members and pulling bodies from under the rubble.
Minister of Health Wael al-Halki said that the toll is poised to rise due to the critical condition of some of the injured and the ongoing rescue operations, hailing the people of Aleppo who rushed to donate blood.
He affirmed that all medical cadres at state and private medical hospitals joined their work so as to serve their national and humanitarian duty in saving the lives of the injured, adding that the Ministry has a strategic storage of medicine necessary for emergency cases.
Later, the Health Minister visited the injured and wounded victims of the terrorist bombings in al-Razi Hospital and checked on them, with the medical staff briefing him on their conditions.
During the visit, the Minister said that medical establishments in Aleppo governorate have been on alert since Friday morning and that all their resources, staff and emergency services were employed to help the victims of the bombing, lauding the people of Aleppo and residents in the city for rushing to donate blood for the victims.
Citizens Rush to Donate Blood to Victims of Aleppo Terrorist Bombings
Masses of citizens flocked to the Blood Bank in Aleppo to donate blood for the victims injured in the two terrorist bombings which took place on Friday in Aleppo.
The blood donors affirmed that they will not hesitate for a second to give all they can for the sake of Syria's security and stability and for foiling the conspiracy against it, denouncing the terrorist attacks and affirming adherence to national unity.
The donors said that donating blood is the least they could do for their countrymen, stressing that those who committed these terrorist acts have nothing to do with religion, adding that the Syrians' spontaneous rushing to donate blood shows their unity and solidarity in the face of conspiracies and plots.
Crowds gathered and marched in the streets of Aleppo towards Saadallah al-Jaberi Square as soon as the bombings took place, denouncing these crimes and foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs.
The masses, carrying Syrian flags and banners affirming adherence to national unity and resilience in the face of plots, affirmed that the events that took place in Aleppo on Friday are distant from religion and Islam, and that they will not dissuade Syrians from pursuing reforms and rallying around their leadership.
They said that there's no reason to fear for Aleppo, because Syrians are aware of the conspiracies against their homeland, calling for dealing sternly with those who dare to tamper with Syria's security and stability and spill Syrian blood.






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