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February 12, 2010 at 6:01 pm (DesertPeace Exclusive, Education, Gaza, International Solidarity, Palestine)

Yesterday, Ayman Quader arrived in Spain! It was a long battle to get him out of Gaza, but we won!

This could not have been possible without the worldwide support we received on his behalf. One thousand, seven hundred and thirty three people signed the On Line Petition called ‘Open Rafah for Ayman’. A special thank you to all of you that signed it. Never underestimate the power of struggle!

An interview with Ayman, regarding his struggle to leave Gaza can be read HERE. An essay he wrote about ‘his dream’ can be read HERE.

We will miss his reporting direct from the scene, but we know the skills he will pick up will enhance his writings. He will be doing a Masters Degree in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies.

This Blog will keep you posted of his progress.

Again, thanks to everyone that helped make Ayman’s dream become reality.

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