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Sex-video of Mahmoud Abbas' office manager, rubbing his body against his secretary ...& other glorious tidbits"

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"... The report also aired claims made by former General Intelligence chief Fahmi Shabana that officials close to Abbas and his predecessor Yasser Arafat were entangled in corruption scandals amounting to millions of shekels stolen from public coffers...... Shabana also revealed an embarrassing video from 2008 depicting the head of Abbas' office, Rafik al-Husseini, rubbing his body against his secretary and apparently trying to convince a woman seeking employment in the office to have sexual relations with him.....The PA claimed further that Shabana was arrested for three months for corruption scandals that he himself was involved in and alleged that he recently tried to blackmail senior PA officials in order to receive the post of deputy governor of Jerusalem...."

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Hamas: Fatah must shun corrupt members

[ 10/02/2010 - 04:40 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Hamas said that Israeli media reports that Ramallah and Fatah officials were involved n financial and moral scandals were not new, recalling that it has documents proving those officials' corruption.

Hamas in a statement on Wednesday said that the Movement refused to publish such scandals to give those involved the opportunity to mend their ways and to maintain the Palestinian ranks.

It underlined that those "leaders" do not represent the Palestinian people whether those whose names were listed in the report or not, adding that those persons only seek their own interests and whims and are obstructing reconciliation and resistance and should stand trial.

Hamas urged Fatah faction to reconsider its positions, to halt cooperation with Israeli occupation, and to shun the corrupt elements within its lines and return to the national lines.

The Movement warned of the Israeli exploitation of those scandals whether those published or not to blackmail the Ramallah authority and Fatah into returning to negotiations and bargaining because such a situation might threaten the liquidation of the Palestine cause.

A number of Israeli TV channels had unveiled a series of corruption and sexual activities in the office of the PA presidency in Ramallah city.

The channel 10 in the Israeli TV reported that close associates of Abbas and ministers in the illegitimate PA government of Salam Fayyad embezzled millions of dollars donated by Arab and European countries to the Palestinian people from the PA accounts in Amman and Cairo.

According to the channel, those associates were also commissioned to purchase lands for the PA government but they didn’t reveal the real price of those lands, adding that the amount they announced was far more than the real price.

The channel based its allegations on a 6-year investigation conducted by PA intelligence officer Fahmi Shabana Al-Tamimi who also disclosed a number of sexual incidents in the office of the PA presidency.

A videotape showed a high-ranking official in Abbas's authority in shameful positions with a woman who applied to work in the office.

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